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Analise Parkins – Shine Brightly Wellbeing

November 4, 2022

Analise Parkins

Analise Parkins is a singer songwriter from Liverpool, she has over 15 year’s experience of singing, writing and performing. Her spiritual journey (and work with the ancestors) has inspired her to write powerful and healing songs about the ‘burning times’, being a woman, the landscape and connecting to the sisterhood. Analise started her self-development journey in her early twenties, when she lived and worked as a Singer and Entertainment Manager based mainly in the Southwest of England. During this time, she committed herself to following a path of self-discovery while attending many festivals, events, workshops and training courses. Her own experiences taught her the importance and benefits of embodied practices, vibrational energy and the magic of going within.

Since Analise was a little girl, she loved just loved to sing! Singing was her way of expressing herself freely, especially through her occasionally turbulent teenage years. She would throw open the curtains of her bedroom window of a morning and sing her heart out to the blossom tree! Then in the evenings, she would serenade the starry night sky using her treasured karaoke machine! As she sang to the outside world, she always knew she was connecting to something much bigger than herself by using her voice as a tool of creative communication. 

Being brought up in a catholic household, Analise sang in the folk group at her local church, this was an early way in which she got used to connecting to the local community through her voice. Singing was not only a passion, but it was also a spiritual endeavour and a sacred and healing medicine to her soul. Singing got her through some very tough times and helped her to release emotions, express her true being and gave her the strength and hope to stay happy and fulfilled.

She always harboured a desire to expand her spirituality beyond the narrow confinements of her catholic upbringing. She started learning about many different alternative therapies including crystals, reiki, colour and Angel therapies to name but a few. Through these holistic therapies, she began a new and enlightening path of self-development and self-discovery.

During her early twenties, Analise knew she wanted to follow her passion to sing, so she made the brave decision to follow her dream and apply for several professional singing jobs. She eventually landed a post singing in a resident band on a holiday park by the coast in Devon. It was there where Analise started to feel a newly found freedom she had never felt or encountered before. Living by the sea made her feel more connected to the land and she took this significant opportunity to slowly and gently begin to find herself. At the same time, she collected and devoured many self-development books and just like before, singing and music were the healing medicine that she carried along with her on the journey.

Analise Parkins

While living in Devon Analise attended several spiritual festivals and it was at these gatherings that she discovered a number of talented musicians singing their own inspirational songs. Analise bought and listened to many CDs and these gradually became her preferred choice of listening material thereafter. She became extremely moved by this alternative, passionate and expressive music. As a child, her parents had always played folk music at home, so this familiarity happily took her back to her roots. These creative artists became her focus and inspiration and for the first time, she no longer felt truly satisfied singing non-meaningful pop songs. She soon developed a strong desire to sing and perform more expressive and soulful songs of connection.

Analise’s self-development journey continues to this day. She has explored the range of her voice in many varied and different ways; chanting, toning, sound healing and kirtan. She has taught herself some basic guitar skills and chords and has recently experimented with writing her own compositions.

In 2019, Analise became aware of the inspirational work of Cali White. Cali was holding full moon ceremonies throughout the UK to honour the ancestors, who were persecuted during what is commonly referred to as ‘The burning times’. Cali wanted to bring healing to the inherited trauma that we often still carry from this deeply disturbing part of history. As soon as Analise became aware of this work, it moved her emotionally, as she could feel her ancestors surrounding her and she knew she needed to explore this work on a deeper level. She embarked on a journey with 33 other women, who came together to collectively help to heal and bring awareness to the ancestral wounds that many of us carry from the Burning times. 

As Analise connected with this work, songs and lyrics began to emerge and within a year she had gathered enough songs together to create her first album. She then collaborated with the very talented multi-instrumentalist Michael Holcroft at Upholland studios and together they created her first album titled ‘Witch Wound’. 

Each of the 33 women involved in the ‘I am Witch’ project produced their own creative piece to collectively feature in the exhibition, which took place at The Story Institute in Lancaster in January 2022. Analise’s Album ‘Witch Wound’ was her chosen creative piece that she contribution to this Exhibition.

In her own words, Analise describes her intention behind her album – a witch wound is an inherited trauma that has been passed down through our DNA from our ancestors. It is a collective wound that holds us back and keeps us small, stopping us from shining our light. Now is the time to move away from this trauma, become less afraid and begin to shine brightly in order to heal ourselves, our ancestors and our beautiful planet. In sharing this album with you, it is my intention to take you on a spiritual journey to help connect you with your ancestors, your own inner wounds and encourage you to shine and be BIG, BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL.

Analise runs a therapeutic practice called Shine Brightly Wellbeing. She established this business to express her passion for holistic therapies, holding space for others and empowering them in the process. She runs Women’s circles, Chakra Dancing Workshops, Retreats and Heart Song Circles. Analise is a fully trained and professional Crystal Therapist, Angelic Reiki Practitioner and a Laughter Yoga Leader. She is also a Chakra Dancing and Creative Visualisation Facilitator, Singing Mamas Leader and a Relax Kids Coach. She is committed to her work and her music as she continues on her own path of self-development while teaching others. It is now her highest intention to share her wisdom, knowledge and music with others to encourage them to step into their power, find their inner light and allow themselves to shine.

Analise is currently working on her second Album, which is due to be released at the beginning of 2023.

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