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Ankita Sharma - Seeking The Spirit Within

March 20, 2023

Ankita Sharma

I am an Indian born New Zealand citizen who presents myself as an actor, author of ‘Seeking the Spirit Within’ and ’29 Seasons’. I came to New Zealand when I were 18 to pursue a BSc in Physics from the University of Auckland.

In 2018, I proudly received the ‘Award of Distinction’ at the Plain English Awards in Wellington, New Zealand and the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards in the same year.  I have also featured in Riverside radio as a guest in London recently.

My passion for writing stems from my father who is himself a voracious reader and an eloquent writer. I learnt reiki healing at the age of 15. My love for the healing arts was introduced by my mother who is herself a Reiki Master.

My profound eclectic experiences in New Zealand led me to spiritualist practices such as shamanism and varied other healing modalities.

I also have had deep spiritual journeys in New Zealand with the acclaimed Medicine Woman program for spiritual seekers which led me to self-discovery and enhanced psychic abilities.

My other features include an excerpt in a book titled ‘Echo, Untitled III – page 48’.

 One must look beyond the physical into the spiritual…

…which can only take place when one is receptive to all that is good.

In a melodramatic multidimensional world that we reside in, it has taken a potpourri of spiritual experiences to bring me to a point of summing up all that I have been exposed to in my spiritual book.

I was brought up in Hinduism all my 18 years of life, after high school, I moved to New Zealand which brought forth a whole new world of change. I made Christian friends in the university which thereby made me curious enough to imbibe Christian values and seek baptism in an ocean.

Once I got baptized at the age of 22 to a world of unknown, I became a staunch fanatic of new age Christianity. One afternoon, I was contemplating on the vagaries of life which made me feel melancholic about the way human life is limited in its potential. That was the day of Easter.

After the Easter church service, I was going back home when I felt the touch of the Holy Ghost in my spirit. That was the most surreal spiritual experience of my life so far. It purged me out of the dimmed lights of despondency and enlivened my spirits to the zenith. I was so ecstatic beyond words that I could never imagine I was even depressed a moment ago. The fire of the Holy Spirit was what touched my spirit within. I became jubilant, fiery, and overjoyed by this sudden breakthrough.

I wanted to immediately go preach the Gospel to all the ends of the world…I have never been happier and more exuberant in my life.

The touch of the Holy Ghost lasted for a week, almost keeping me wide awake at night with spiritual elation, it felt like nirvana.

The book sums up my eastern and western views as to what it takes to inculcate spiritual values that humans in a physical world take for granted.

The seven years of Christian life I led were interspersed with the excitement of a new life, new ways of living and worshipping, a whole new way of being and creating…albeit it lasted only so long due to other inferior and unforeseen circumstances.

Ankita Sharma - Seeking the Spirit Within

In my heart of hearts today, I still pray to Jesus, but I have been exposed to Buddhism before I did become a Christian and all these vivid memories of who I was and who I aspire to be became somewhat mystical.

I believe in transcendence after all. The one supreme force that binds the mass and elementary particles of this universe together. The omniscient being that traverses its own course in this big wide star system. Although we are blinded by our ego to the point we ignore our inner truth or see ourselves for what we truly are, the laws of the universe are intricate and inescapable.

Karma has its own laws and what we need is a law-abiding force to be fair and square to each and every being. The whole human existence and the reasons behind our daily mundane life are like little stories that we co-create together. How good or bad a life is not always determined by our actions, but in a whole grand scheme of things, left to the universal forces of nature.

Sometimes, a mere mortal life seems mundane but intrinsic to the spiritual growth of a human life. The only way to break this monotony and seemingly endless problems in life is to meditate and become one with the Almighty.

Spiritual values such as love, kindness, bravery, compassion is all highlighted in my book that highlight the importance of becoming as pure as God, but in a mundane life, it can be challenging to imbibe such core values. My personal mantra is to do your best and be at your best and leave the rest to God. The good actions shall reap good rewards, whereas the bad deeds will sow what they reap. It is as simple as that.

Even our thoughts, our words have little karmic consequences which ultimately teach us to become better spiritual versions of ourselves. It Is the ego that separates us from the spiritual truth and all we need is an open mind and a receptive heart to understand the spiritual laws of the universe and attract the very best.

We would not take our wealth to the heavens, but it is only our actions and the consequences thereof that are counted when we return to heaven. Whatever good we have put in, will always come back in one form or the other, whether it is the current life or the next, but we must endeavour to always be good. God truly perceives every word, every action, every inaction, and every little detail that resides in us.

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