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Anne Jirsch - Author, international trainer, Intuitive, Futurist

February 17, 2023

Anne Jirsch

My spiritual journey began when I was a small child. I would sit at my grandmother’s knee as she read the tea leaves for her eager customers in the East End of London. It all seemed so colourful and exciting. At that young age I heard all sort of things a child shouldn’t hear, but that just made me even keener to develop a skill of my own. I decided by the time I was eight years old that I wanted to be a psychic, just like my nan. The problem was I didn’t appear to have any natural ability. Try as I might to have a premonition, nothing ever happened.

In my teens I vowed to find out how intuition worked, and to develop my own.  Getting information was difficult in those days. We didn’t have the internet or the vast array of spiritual books we see in bookshops today. I soon realised that to find what I needed; I would have to travel. So, in my late teens I set off for the mystical centre of the world - India. At that time India was in the media because the Beatles and other famous people were heading there to meet gurus and to gain enlightenment. It was the place to go if you wanted to develop your spirituality.

Truthfully, I was pretty naïve. I expected to sit at the feet of some amazing guru listening to pearls of wisdom and assumed ‘it’ would all happen in the blink of an eye. In fact, I found myself sitting on a mat beside a very wise old beggar on a dusty roadside in Calcutta. Vikram taught me so much about intuition and how time works. He taught me about creating energy, and through him I became fascinated by reincarnation and past-life regression. His teachings made total sense to me and helped me to open up my psychic abilities.

On my return, I resolved to uncover my past lives. This was, in fact, much harder than I had expected; regressionists were few and far between, and it was a number of years before I had my first session.

By then I had met my next spiritual mentor, an incredible woman called Greta Gill. To this day I have never met anyone like her. Tiny, yet full of energy, she seemed to have a direct line to the Universe. Everyone who met her was touched by her warmth and insight. The spiritual path was still pretty new to me, but through Greta I met a whole range of fascinating people who would talk at length about their experiences and give me advice.

One of them, an astrologer named Shelley, had been regressed to several of her past lives. I could hardly breathe as she recounted her visions of having been a slave girl in one past life and a rich merchant in another. Now I was even more determined than ever to be able to access other lives. I pleaded with the Universe to find me a good past-life regressionist and my request was answered when I discovered a flyer advertising a past-life workshop in London with the famous American regressionist Denise Linn.

Anne Jirsch - Create Your Perfect Future

Together with my best friend Terri, I attended the event on a swelteringly hot day. Throughout the day I experienced several past lives, but the one that made the biggest impression was my first, in which I saw myself as a young black lad in North Africa. It was very odd to see myself with the long arms and legs of a gangly African teenager. The vision was short: I watched myself as I walked inside my home – a small hut – then, suddenly, a knife penetrated my abdomen. Next, I could feel myself floating out of my body and looking down on myself. It was not upsetting – much like watching a movie – and it left a big impression on me; now I knew I simply had to give this experience to others.

By now I was also becoming a competent Tarot reader (to this day, I still love working with the cards which ‘speak’ to me), as well as studying meditation and hypnotherapy, while remaining unwavering in my desire to work with past-life regression. For several years I looked for training, but just as I’d struggled to find a good regressionist, training was proving even more elusive. Luckily, however, I had built up a willing bank of clients to practice on and I discovered I instinctively knew what to do. Soon my clients were undergoing wonderful and profound past-life experiences.

That was my life for over twenty years – working with Tarot cards and past life regression, while fine-tuning my psychic abilities – until one day, two young soldiers dropped into my little office in Slough for a regression session. From that day on my life changed forever.


Steve and Dave had a deep fascination with regression, and they proved to be such outstanding subjects that I began to work with them regularly, always curious as to what the next session would reveal. Over weeks and months they uncovered many past lives they had shared together, sometimes fighting alongside each other, at other times against each other. I took them through my past-life training and they both became excellent past-life regressionists.

One day, in 2001, Steve told me, ‘Dave and I have both seen you in our practice sessions. We’ve all known each other before.’ He added, ‘I have a feeling there’s a reason why we have met again this time around.’

I’d had the same feeling myself and decided to find some answers. I brought in one of my best past-life students to take all three of us back to the life we’d shared together, to see if it held any clues. My student Dan began skillfully guiding us back to a previous existence connecting all three of us – but instead of going back in time, something strange happened: we all simultaneously jumped forward to a future event. At the time it made no sense to us; then, two weeks later, on 11 September, our visions were to become a shocking reality.

Anne Jirsch - Future Vision Your Working Life: 10 Strategies to Help You Get Ahead

As we watched the scenes of the Twin Towers collapsing on our television screens, exactly as we’d foreseen, we were horrified. If only we’d seen more; if only we’d known enough to stop this terrible event. The question was: could we do this at will? Could we see future events in detail? Suddenly everything between us fell into place, and we knew we had work to do.

From that moment we began experimenting to see if we could predict more world events. Our results were consistently accurate. Within a fortnight Dave had predicted, among other things, that America would invade Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction.


It was time to begin experimenting again, using a similar process to past-life regression, but now taking clients a few years into the future. Again, the results were amazing. They would see where they would be living, the people who were in their lives and how their work was progressing. Soon they were calling me to report that what they had seen was happening – but the remarkable thing was that events they’d seen many years ahead were happening much sooner than expected: things they’d seen occurring in five or ten years’ time would happen within months or even weeks. Clients were rapidly meeting their ideal partners, getting businesses off the ground and even resolving issues with their health or finances. In many cases, they had seen more than one possible future, enabling them to choose the best for themselves.

I realised that we were not just seeing the future; somehow, we were fast-tracking our futures. It was as if the very act of seeing them was bringing them forward into the now, as if bringing an event into our current consciousness enabled it to happen.

From that moment on our lives changed forever. We now teach FLP worldwide helping people to find a better future for themselves and the world. Today we are using FLP in many ways, we are developing: Future vision coaching, working with teens, addictions and so much more. Our FLP Practitioner training has given many people the skills to help others see the future.

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