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Désirée Ickerodt - Spiritual Filmmaker

Désirée Ickerodt is a German filmmaker living in London. Her creative journey started at the age of four when her mother enrolled her in her first painting class. Most of the children were older, and she was the youngest. She was told to paint a fish. At the time, she was not quite sure what […]

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Yolanda Barker - Conscious Filmmaker

Yolanda Barker is an Irish-Polish film director, author and mental health advocate. She’s directed award-winning documentaries like ‘Cereal Killers’. Born in Limerick city to an Irish father and Polish mother, her film making aspirations began at the age of eight, when she saw ‘The Little Mermaid’, and promptly decided she wanted to make films for […]

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Land Mass - a new music-film

The integrative approach found in Vocal Tai Chi (the other project I am presenting as part of the Spiritual Arts Foundation) was taken further in 2015. I was itching to put this unusual voicework (Vocal Tai Chi) in public concert form. One day I clocked that ‘conduction’ might be the way to do that: Sun […]

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Thida Nathalie Sheldon - Bright like the Sun

Thida Nathalie Sheldon is a die-hard nomadic self-taught filmmaker who is so infatuated with human stories that she has been consistently diving into them ever since teaching herself how to use a mirrorless DSLR camera and sound recorder back in 2015. Having ingratiated herself in more than twenty countries, she has developed a huge curiosity […]

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The Spiritual Arts Foundation
The Spiritual Arts Foundation is dedicated to promoting arts related projects that specifically demonstrate a vision of spirituality at their core. We represent all positive and life-affirming spiritual and religious beliefs.
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