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Cheryl Prince - Awaken: The first in a trilogy of spiritual plays

November 19, 2022

Cheryl Prince - Awaken

Starting her career as an actress in 2015, Cheryl Prince was exposed to spirit which allowed her to explore her inner creativity. Communication with spirits led to her working with a shamanic healer with whom she had an interesting past life regression. During the regression, she envisioned being a witch who was hanged on a tree.

Having a limited knowledge of what witches were and why she was killed for being one in her past life, Cheryl was driven to know more. It is precisely this curiosity about witch persecution that made her write her play, AWAKEN. She realized that true witch history has been repressed for a long time, and that writing about it is an effective way of showing it.

In AWAKEN, we meet two characters who are a mix of a fictional story and Cheryl’s own experience as a witch in her past life and a healer in her current life. In her own words:

‘I believe we all have stories locked in our souls of lives we have lived, gifts we have retained and lessons we have learned.  The two characters I play in AWAKEN – both in 1653 and 2023 - are an exploration of awakening to who you are on a soul level, whilst exploring the question; what would happen if you were silenced in one lifetime and came back to tell the tale today?’

AWAKEN explores the possibility of the witches’ persecution having had a much broader purpose behind it, such as preventing the fusion of energy from the spiritual world with that in our current reality.

Granted, the history and identity of witches hasn’t always been perceived in a positive light, and Cheryl hasn’t avoided this. For a long time, she assumed that being called a witch wasn’t a good thing at all, since witches have always been portrayed as ‘haggered old women.’

Cheryl Prince - Awaken

As Cheryl explains, ‘It’s a very clever propaganda campaign. AWAKEN aims to question the laws that came in which made it ok to torture, abuse and kill off many women as witches.  It also reminds us what we have lost.  We had our ‘knowing ones’, who were the practising cunning folk & witches of the time, stolen from us and their skills buried.  These were people who knew how to work with spirit.  That’s who the witches are to me and that’s what I believe they should be remembered for.’

A distinguishing aspect of Cheryl’s plays is that all of them are based on wisdom gained from her past life regressions, and the trilogy of her plays represent her own soul's journey. Interestingly enough, she tells us: ‘From these regressions I have discovered lifetimes in Ancient Egypt when dark magic & sorcery took hold and lifetimes in Atlantis & Lemuria when the masculine & feminine energy was first split.  ‘

Cheryl says that throughout time, spiritually awakened people ‘have suffered persecution in the most brutal ways by burning their temples, torturing their bodies, mass executions and instilling fear, ridicule, or corruption within their belief systems so we end up forgetting who we are and the power we have within us.’ She acknowledges that by writing this trilogy, she is ‘lifting the veil and honouring who the Witches, Priestesses & Light Warriors really were and how we are all connected throughout time.’

Cheryl Prince - Awaken

A script in hand reading of AWAKEN was filmed in Scotland and aired for a short period from the Summer Solstice in 2022. Because if its success, Cheryl hopes to air the film again on her website from Samhain. Her larger plan is to take AWAKEN on tour in places where witch persecution was common, such as London, Bury St Edmunds and Scotland. Still, there are 7 countries in which witches are persecuted to this day, and Cheryl hopes to exhibit the play in those lands too.

In spare free time, Cheryl loves to dance, and carry out ritual practices, such as building altars or creating sacred spaces. She also invites and works with spiritual beings, such as loved ones who have passed on and the souls of people who wish to have a say on her work. 

‘We all have a type of spiritual practice gifted to us which serves our soul and can be called upon in our creativity.’

In working as an actress, writer and healer, Cheryl has experienced spiritual awakening at its peak, whereby her creativity allows her to channel spirit completely. Like most spiritually awakened people, Cheryl’s creativity stems from tuning into the multidimensional energy that exists within and around her all the time. It’s this ability that has allowed her to venture into the world of spiritual creativity and set up her own company, 5D Theatre, which always embodies the spiritual dimension of her work.

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