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Val Andrews - Creative Spirit

Creative Spirit by Val Andrews

10 modules | Approximately 4 hours

Val Andrews is a visual artist, science fiction writer and author of numerous books about creativity. Her book series Inspiration & Creativity has helped experienced creatives and newbies alike to find fresh approaches to their creativity. Following the success of the series, Val has received numerous requests to create an online course that would expand upon the content in the books. This course, CREATIVE SPIRIT, does that, and much more!

Some comments about Val's book series Inspiration & Creativity

"I would love to see this book on the desk in every doctors surgery and on staff room tables in every school. The testimonials are persuasive and suggestions about how to approach the daunting processes should provide options that allow the reader to find something that suits them."

"This book will help change your perspective in finding inspiration. This is about what you do in your head and generate the idea. This will tell you how to manifest it versus just talking about it. From this emerged a bona fide method to creativity on demand."

"This book is a must read for those determined to accelerate their creativity. It is both an informative and transformative book with great lessons that you can apply in your personal and professional development."

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