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Emma Mumford - The Queen of Law of Attraction

December 16, 2022

Emma Mumford

When I was a young girl, I remember going into my local WHSmith with my mum and looking at the book chart for the week - especially the top shelf. I remember saying ‘Mum one day my book will be up there’ to which we both laughed and went on with our day. I still don’t know why that younger version of myself knew with such conviction she’d be an author, but I’d like to think even back then it was a sign from the Universe and my intuition coming through.

Throughout my teenage years I definitely would have said I was an atheist. I’d grown up exploring Buddhism and Angels briefly in books, but after years of experiencing depression, I didn’t know what felt true and the pressures of teenage life and school soon took over.

In 2012, at nineteen years old, I went along my first awakening journey after being left in £7,000 worth of debt by my then boyfriend. I was a banking manager at a well-known UK bank - a role which I’d fallen into (banking certainly wasn’t an aspiration of mine) and was heavily depressed. Very quickly after taking a loan out to help my boyfriend with his debt, the relationship broke down, and I was left to pay the entire loan. I also had to leave my job at the bank as I was surrounded by debt each and every day and this only deepened my depression and anxiety.

This is when I found Extreme Couponing. Here in the UK at the time, couponing was very taboo still and there weren’t many places to find them. The concept had me hooked and within a few months I’d cleared my debt and had a big stock pile of supplies. My friends pestered me to start a Facebook page to help other people do the same and so ‘Extreme Couponing and Deals UK’ my first business was born. After a year I monetized the business, as I really had no clue what I was doing or how to run a business! Throughout my entire life I knew I wanted to run a business, but had no idea what that looked like or how to start one.

I ran my wonderful couponing business for six years before manifesting a buyer. Over that time, it had accumulated over half a million followers here in the UK. I’d presented a regular money-saving slot on This Morning, and was known as the UK’s Coupon Queen from doing incredible press features too. I absolutely loved that business, but I knew it needed a team of people to grow it to new heights, and I too at this point wanted to put both feet on my spiritual path. So rewinding slightly back to 2016 when I had my spiritual awakening, I was in my second not so great relationship at the time and my depression had worsened over this time to a point where I was at absolute rock bottom.

Emma Mumford

Long story short that relationship broke down and the Law of Attraction came into my life, just like with couponing it was something that was such a positive distraction in my life at the time and gave me hope. Very quickly, I started to turn my life completely around. I healed my depression, learned what self-love was and created a healthier relationship with myself and others. This is when I started to incorporate manifestation into my existing YouTube and platforms and luckily my money-saving followers loved this content too!

In 2017, I decided to go full-time with my Spiritual Queen business and help people in a new way and I’ve been running it ever since! I found spirituality as a whole fascinating and almost like a remembering, not like I was learning something new. Stepping into my spiritual shoes fully wasn’t an easy journey, selling a six-figure business and starting all over again with a personal brand was a huge leap of faith, but I knew in my heart it was what I came here to do, and it never felt like work.

A couple of years into my spiritual journey, the want to write a book had always strongly been there. Because of my success with my couponing business, I honestly thought it would be a money-saving book but I’m so grateful I get to write about money, manifestation and spirituality now. I always joke that each book has my entire soul in it, and it’s so true - these books have been an initiation. I’ve lived the teachings in the book and have learned huge life lessons in these ten years, and I love being able to share these with people now and help them navigate life too.

Being an author is definitely one of my favourite hats I wear in my business. It allows me to be creative and writing comes very naturally to me even though my A-level results would tell you differently. I’ve definitely got better over the course of writing three books, but it feels like a full circle moment seeing my book on shelves all around the world and I’m only 29!

There of course have been hurdles and challenges with getting my books published, but the Universe truly had my back. I pitched my first book to over 30 publishers and literary agents and got rejected, so I ended up hybrid publishing this one. My second book was exactly the same even though I knew how incredible it was it got rejected once again and I felt like giving up - my intuition was screaming at me ‘this has to be distributed properly this time’. I’d done everything in my power and yet still no book deal.

In 2019, I remember my first publisher saying he couldn’t distribute it in the way I wanted it to be so I said to myself ‘Angels, Universe you want this book traditionally published, help me out I’ve tried everything’. Within six hours my first traditional publisher Watkins reached out to me and asked me to write a book on money and manifestation – little did they know I had a whole manuscript ready to go on just that exact topic!

Emma Mumford

Now I’m very lucky to have two incredible traditional publishers who publish my books so don’t give up hope, it only takes one publisher to say yes. My books have now sold over 16,000 copies since 2020 and I’m so glad I listened to my intuition and didn’t give up.

As I reflect on my 20’s and head towards my 30th birthday next year, I have so many wonderful things to reflect on - whilst I’m so grateful to have experienced these huge career successes so young that has also come with a lot of sacrifices and huge up levelling which was necessary but extremely hard in places too.

My books very much reflect the last ten years for me and the emotional and spiritual journey I’ve gone down to heal and find peace within myself. Many may not know how closely linked manifestation is to the inner work but both are vital when working with the Law of Attraction and that has very much been my journey. Healing deep trauma and childhood wounds have been the best gift my 20’s have given me, alongside two incredible businesses that have transformed so many people’s lives including my own.

In terms of what’s next? As I enter into a new decade of my life, I’m certainly excited to see what my 30’s have in store for me and the Universe too. I want to go slower this decade and get to enjoy life and travel more. Knowing who I am at my soul now after doing the inner work has created so much abundance in my life, so I really want to explore and embrace that now. Of course, I will write more books. I definitely have more ideas and opportunities which feels really exciting, but most of all - I want the Law of Attraction to reach and help even more people turn their dreams into an abundant reality! I’m grateful for all of the experiences I’ve had over the last decade, and as turbulent as some seasons have felt, I wouldn’t change a thing.

Emma Mumford is the UK’s leading Law of Attraction expert. She’s an award-winning life coach, 2x bestselling author of her books Positively Wealthy and Hurt, Healing, Healed, speaker, Law of Attraction YouTuber and host of the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes ‘Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast’. Emma’s work helps people turn their dream life into an abundant reality using the Law of Attraction and spirituality.

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