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Creative Doodles - Mindful Art Meditation

With Nicki Greenham

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February 9


19:30 - 21:00

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Nicki Greenham

FInd relaxation and calm while making beautiful intuitive art.

Release all your stress and anxiety through neurographic doodling.

"That was amazing, thank you I got so absorbed I didn't realise the time. I will definitely be doing some more of those! All my worries fell from my head. That is rare nowadays. I feel very inspired, thank you so much x"

Relax and rebalance - transform your stress into a beautiful piece of art. In this fun one-hour session, artist and spiritual life coach Nicki Greenham will help you access your subconscious and find peace through ‘Creative Doodling’, a process based on the principles of neurographic art.

Using just a pen and paper, Nicki will guide you through a simple process to help you release all your stress and anxiety through doodling.

Perfect for anyone who finds ordinary meditation difficult. Each month you'll learn a new way to doodle to produce a beautiful piece of art, tuning into your intuition to release and rebalance. Suitable for everyone, including beginner doodlers.

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Materials: All you need is a piece of A4 paper and a felt tip or marker pen. You'll also need something to colour in with. This can be anything like felt tips, marker pens, crayons, coloured pencils, watercolour pencils, or paint (If you're using marker pens or paint, make sure your paper is thick enough to work on e.g. watercolour paper or thin card).

What participants said:

Thank you for the workshop! I loved it. I shall do more of these drawings .. very cathartic

Really enjoyed it. I had been interested in Neurgraphic art in the Spring, but never felt confident if I was doing it right, so was delighted when I saw your class and it felt really great to be doodling in company. Thank you VERY much xxx

I really enjoyed your workshop yesterday. You are confident, professional and an excellent host.

Well, well done and thanks for doing your work... it’s rewarding for all of us on the receiving end of your classes. You do have a very special gift, as far as I’m concerned.


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