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Heaven Sent - Four new spiritual music albums by composer Clifford White

November 16, 2022

Music composer and producer Clifford White is no stranger to the concept of weaving spirituality into his music. Over 37 years ago, his first album Ascension (1985, New World Music) aptly demonstrated his fascination for exploring astral vistas of sound, and with track titles like Hallowed Ground, The Calling and Eternal Dusk, it was immediately obvious even to the uninitiated that Clifford had a clear affinity for creating the subtle vibrations of spiritual music. Ascension sold over 50,000 copies, establishing a worldwide audience for Clifford’s own unique brand of music production, and kick-started his career.

Spirituality was a theme Clifford continued to explore in his further 20 albums, with titles like Revelation and The Healing Touch, and perhaps less obviously (but just as powerfully) in his mythological explorations of ancient history and legend in The Gods of Olympus, Myths of the Rock and Atlantis. Unlike other artists, rather than attempt to emulate the success he had initially achieved in the 80s with Ascension, Clifford's music continued to evolve and explore new territory, yet somehow always held true to his intention of creating atmospheres of peace, joy and serenity mixed with emotional sentimentality and reflection.

The Heaven Sent Series by Clifford White

“Music is a beautiful language, yet so much of the music I hear nowadays are like words shouted in anger and frustration. I have always felt it’s my job to remind people that music can be beautiful, emotional and heartfelt. And the idea of spirituality itself seems to be something we are embarrassed about, that we hide from others. I can see no reason why spirituality shouldn't be proclaimed in everything that we do. For me, that's through my music.“

It would therefore come as no surprise that Clifford’s latest opus - his four album series entitled Heaven Sent, released in January 2022 via Clifford's own music label - takes another bold step along his spiritual journey. Four albums is no mean feat, and surely keeping a listeners attention for that long can't be easy? Yet listening to Clifford's albums, one marvels at the variety of music he discovers. One minute joyous, the next deeply emotional, yet each track flows effortlessly, one after the other. Clifford is a master craftsman, and this is revealed no more clearly than on his Heaven Sent series.

“With the Heaven Sent series, I really wanted to take the listener on a journey to heavens highest realms. To the astral oceans and secret gardens that exist in that wondrous dimension. To bear witness to the awe, drama and majesty of spiritual existence.”

We feel that Clifford has achieved exactly that with his latest series of albums. Whilst the first volume Heaven Sent serves as a gentle introduction to the aural landscapes he enjoys to paint, the second album Higher Power is far more dramatic. The third album Mystic Heart is wistful and bittersweet, and the final album Healing Waters joyous and uplifting. All different, and all excellent. With the Heaven Sent series, Clifford has truly captured the beauty and mystery of the spiritual dimension; perhaps unlike any composer that has attempted to do this before. At 36 tracks, spanning four 70 minute albums, it is a colossal achievement, both subtle and sublime, and one that we believe is destined to become a true classic for the history books.

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