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Jayne Steggles - Discovering the art of the Art

December 10, 2022

Jayne Steggles - Diving Deep
Diving Deep by Jayne Steggles

Jayne’s arrival at the canvas was almost as if overnight, a shift, a ‘stepping into’ occurred. This shift happened in the midst of working with an energy healer for deeper answers to chronic pain and dis-ease, present by this point for more than 15 years.

Some years prior, Jayne had explored meditation, oracle cards and trained in Reiki, gaining knowledge of energy healing and the etheric body, and reconnecting to a childhood recognition of something bigger.

The energy healer Jayne worked with used spiritual guidance, developing her own flow for healing others, and often received direct messages and visions. One such vision was of Jayne painting planet-wide with a connection deep into the earth and out into the Universe.

Jayne had never explored painting due to ‘art wounding’ and inner beliefs of not being good enough, so she just smiled at the idea, not thinking it could be a reality.

During the years of bringing up her children, Jayne explored connections of a spiritual nature, stepping in and out of allowing, letting earthly life have the priority until needing desperately to find answers for healing. Being open to anything and a few months after the healing vision, Jayne saw a woman on social media, Flora Aube talking about her online course Painting with the Divine Feminine.

This was Jayne’s first recollection of saying ‘Yes’ from deep within, no mind at this point, just higher self. It took courage to send ‘real’ money through the ether for something physically intangible and join a circle of women from all over earth, but trust was there gently whispering and taking her hand. Jayne now recognises this experience as a soul led screaming to say yes and just do it!

Jayne Steggles - Divine Feminine
Divine Feminine by Jayne Steggles

From contact with Flora Aube’s’ The Art of Allowing, Jayne met another artist Michal Shimoni - these women, along with many sisters in art circles from all over the world, became her mentors and teachers.

The connections Jayne knows were universally placed - it is too short a time in a few words to write about the divinely led paths that opened up - but she says that soul led listening, trust and love through painting have completely changed her life, with the canvas becoming a reflection of life going forward.

Facing a blank canvas was like standing on the edge of a void, needing trust to step forward and place the first mark. The fear was real. The ugly ‘I can't stand this’ phase, in each painting real, the trust needed to step through each layer real, communing with ego real, realising until ego is recognised, tamed and loved, you cannot receive with love into the heart what appears on the canvas.

There were times when Jayne couldn’t comprehend she had painted the image with the story, this is how she knows there is an artist inside every soul, for her the art inside is the potential. So many people have said to her ‘I could never do that’, but Jayne always smiles knowing they hold that potential. With a quietening of ego and inner critic, a welcoming of the breath, listening, trust and love for the self, an inner guidance can flow forward.

Jayne Steggles - Rainbow Truth Warrior
Rainbow Truth Warrior by Jayne Steggles

This inner guidance in turn can flow down through the brush, for the potential to move to the canvas with the most surprising outcome. Jayne expresses that the ‘art of the art’ is the centering, the breath and the heart connection, and that during the process, a depth of truth can be revealed. She says ‘truth within ourselves when met and witnessed with purity becomes external truth laid onto canvas’.

There was a point Jayne stepped into where she felt the images, energy and stories were being channelled. She never knew what was coming, and to this day, she never plans or pre sketches a painting. She will breathe, meditate then follow her higher guidance.

Painting in this way, Jayne has discovered you are often not physically at the canvas. She has chosen not to fight ‘not painting’ and does not feel the drive to paint without connection to the higher self, so when spirit is quiet then patience and self-love must prevail.

Jayne Steggles - Transformation
Transformation by Jayne Steggles

Jayne says it took some time, inner battle, frustration and reflection of life to find patience and love, and then there were tears of recognition that this IS the journey of awakening to our spirituality, reflected back. Jayne has received the deep support of sisters and mentors and has been gifted the opportunity to return this loving support, especially whilst completing facilitator training for the Art of Allowing which ran very deep in 2020.

This type of work is huge and is happening in many parts of the world through many mediums, but is kept mostly within ‘safe’ circles due to the risk of wounding on stepping into the more mainstream areas. It takes bravery to be seen whole, you feel naked and vulnerable, but without moving into new witnessed spaces how can the light, love and trust flow forward?

Diving Deep was painted on a universally guided trip taken in 2019, Jayne’s first true experience of a self-manifestation. She met with both her art facilitators who just ‘happened’ to have planned to come to Europe from the USA and Israel to Spain, to hold an Art of Allowing retreat.

It’s hard to put into written language the process of a painting, from its completed point, another space that never truly arrives, and certainly if it does, not with ease, which again reflects our spiritual journey that never truly ends. The painting holds the energy of the physical and soul journey Jayne experienced through the laying down of the soul skin onto the canvas after a meditation based on Dr Clarrisa Pinkola Estes seal-skin story, to the finding of the deep peaceful Buddha energy that eventually filled the canvas (and Jayne!).

Jayne Steggles - Aquarian Queen

There was a communication as an internal flight, deep into the waters of discovery and exploration. The inner being reflected the experience of tasting a freedom, a love within a sister circle that Jayne had not yet experienced. She says if she hadn’t followed what she now recognises as a soul yes spirit communion, what she now holds so deep and wide in her art and spiritual journey would not have materialised.

On returning to home space, when asked if she’d had a good time Jayne’s answer was always ‘life changing’ for the combination of art, sisterhood, music and the ocean had opened her to love and spirituality, trust, joy and laughter through a doorway she could never have had imagined, and since meeting with herself at the canvas Jayne does not doubt Spirit or Soul. She listens to the deep knowing and recognition of something beyond.

Having her sovereignty and queendom revealed through the canvas, Jayne has a yearning to invite others pulled to spirit and soul, to some moments of breath, inner stillness and connection with the self, potential and inner artist. It is her deep belief we are all artists and healers, waiting for a doorway, portal, and the invitation from the heart to say YES.

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