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Jenny Light - Awakening the Lotus of Peace

December 6, 2022

Jenny Light - Awakening the Lotus of Peace

My most recent book, Awakening the Lotus of Peace is a spiritual workbook of yoga meditations to experience more peace in your life. This book, like all my previous books, sprang from a revelation: an influx of light, colour, concept and a feeling about what the book would encapsulate as a whole. These revelations arrive in that spiritually-charged moment between sleeping and waking when we are most receptive to spirit before we assume the mantle of the day. I feel like I have been charged with writing a book which has already been written in the astral world and all I, the body in the earthly realm, need do is to tap into its vibration and download it. This experience is magical! And rich to taste, touch, sound (like tinkling bells) and vision: the book appears in front of me so that I can see the cover and turn the pages in my mind. I feel my role is just to actually ‘birth’ it in the 3D world which has been conceptualised and empowered by higher vibrational beings than I.

My process of writing is to re-read the previous paragraph and then listen. Immediately, the next words pour into my mind as if they are being dictated. I type directly into the laptop: listening and typing for two hours. Once in while I take notes, an idea of supplementary material pops into my head to give context or aid the structure but largely, I type without taking notes.

There is a different creative process for the guided meditations in Awakening the Lotus of Peace. These were channelled through me to my yoga meditation classes during which we worked on embodying aspects of peace over an eighteen month period. First, I tune into God and my spiritual lineage through Paramahansa Yogananda with a prayer and ask for their guidance and blessing for my students. I experience that a second before I speak, the guided meditation script arrives as feeling and impressions via spoken words, mental pictures or feelings. Over the 5 years that I have been teaching meditation, I have come to trust that the guidance is always right for the group. Even if my ego-mind might question the relevance of a visualisation, there is always someone who later relates how much that was just what they needed to experience at that time.

As far back as I can remember, I’ve been aware of the unseen realm and a feeling of needing to live wisely to make this life count. That’s why I chose to go vegetarian in 1969 aged 6, the year of the 1st moonwalk. I was also waking in the night at this early age to a power and heat rising up my spine which expanded into elevated state until I illuminated the room as a sphere of blue light. Was I floating above the bed? Or simply beyond the boundary of my tiny physical frame? I had no words or frame of reference to describe it but after an hour or so, the power would recede and I could move the body once more. It didn’t seem strange and I don’t remember telling anyone. I just accepted the kundalini awakening as normal.

My mother introduced me to yoga and I loved it! I received my first yoga book for my 9th birthday. Meditation naturally followed and I taught myself to meditate at 14, again with that gut feeling that it was vital to start early in life and I’ve rarely missed a day since. I feIt that there was no time to waste and a long road to travel to elevate my level of spiritual consciousness to make a difference in this world.

In my twenties, I was moved to train as a spiritual healer when I heard Ian De Coster speak at a MBS Fair in Glasgow. I was mesmerised by a electric blue surrounding his head which moved with him on the stage. I had seen my first aura! Afterwards, I plucked up my courage to speak with him and he directed me to train with National Federation of Spiritual Healers. That course was the obvious next step for me and it resurrected my dormant kundalini energy again. Suddenly, I was aware of my spirit guide and learned to trust his energy signature and his suggestions as ‘feelings’, not words. I could see streamers of energy between a person and the healer’s hands. I experienced being ‘donned like a surgical gown’ as my guides inserted their arms into mine, while I was channelling spiritual healing.

Jenny Light

While I experienced an acceleration of my spiritual ascension, I also became acutely aware of dense, closed areas in my aura at the heart and sacral chakras: my ego issues. I have prayed many times to ask Christ to cleanse me of darkness and to fill me with Light.

For me, meditation is a process. Techniques to shed the density of living in a physical body and to raise one’s spiritual vibration higher and higher and to burn off lower vibration knots of karma in the crucible of concentration, on the Divine Oneness. Maintaining a higher and higher consciousness by handing over all issues and density with oodles of trust that the Divine is helping us at every turn. Even when things seem dark, being aware that everything is perfect for what we need to learn at that time, even when we don’t like the lesson!

The spiritual path isn’t all dry mechanical meditation. Love is needed too. My devotional heart burst open wide when I read Autobiography of a Yogi in 2015. Intuitively I knew that here was a man who could take me to God. At last, my spiritual soul searching (of many life-times) had led me to my spiritual master in Paramahansa Yogananda! His vibration fills me as I read his words. I know that this was waiting in the eaves as my path. After all the spiritual exploration of Spiritualism, Findhorn, Spiritual Healing, Shamanism, Dowsing and yoga, I have been guided to The One Path. I feel blessed.

At the time that I wrote ‘Awakening the Lotus of Peace: yoga meditations for inner peace’, I wasn’t to know just how important the inner search for peace was to become as our world spiralled into tumult. This book feels right: the right place, the right time for our stage in human evolution. It is each individual who endeavours to carry inner peace that helps manifest world peace.

Blessings on your own inner journey for peace, Om Shanti, Jenny Light.

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