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Judy Sharp - Past Life Healing

November 10, 2022

Judy Sharp

Is it really possible that an issue holding you back in this life can be resolved by tracing the root cause back to a trauma in a past life? I believe so and countless clients over the past twenty-five years would agree. My own severe claustrophobia was resolved in just one regression session with a hypnotherapist. It was the emotional experience of that session, and its effectiveness, that made me decide to study past life therapy and brought me to where I am today.

My first career had been in the corporate world in the UK and spirituality was not even on my radar. I moved to southern Spain in my mid-thirties and established my own companies on Gibraltar, far too busy for anything remotely spiritual. Yet it was there that I went to my first demonstration of mediumship with a young Mark Brandist. The accuracy of his messages was astounding and I was curious: how could he know such personal details?

Also while on Gibraltar I was introduced to complementary therapies by a naturopath called Sylta who ran a centre in the Algarve. Her diagnosis of my “Running-your-own-small-business-itis” and her remedies worked wonders and complementary medicine won me over. It was no coincidence at all, of course, that my gentle introduction to spirituality was with two people at the top of their trades.

A run-in with the government of Gibraltar led to my companies being put into ‘voluntary liquidation’; I was reduced to nothing and it shook me to the core. So when I got a call from Sylta asking me to take care of her Centre in the Algarve while she and her husband took three weeks’ holiday, I agreed immediately. The Centre was a peaceful place with people staying on retreat or for workshops and regular classes, and the first-class therapists offered treatments I had never heard of.

The office also housed a library, with books on everything from Ayurveda and Alchemy to Yoga and Zen, a lovely place to start my spiritual journey. With so many books of theory, complimentary treatments and workshops at the practice, I was exposed to a whole new world, a million miles away from corporate culture, and I loved it!

These new therapies were activating my system at every level and I wanted to learn more. As it happened there was a hypnotherapist working locally, a Scotsman called Ron who’d also had a corporate career and changed direction when he reached burnout. He ran a successful private practice and the more I learned about hypnotherapy, the more I liked the sound of it. When Ron announced he was going to run a certified course in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy, I signed up straight away.

My three weeks turned into three months, as Sylta’s husband had been ill, and I settled in the Algarve, becoming a freelance feature writer. A rare opportunity presented itself, a visit to a working salt mine for an exclusive feature… but then I remembered my phobia of being underground in enclosed spaces! I turned to Ron for help and we discovered a past life as an architect in ancient Egypt, trapped underground and left to die. A couple of hours and many tissues later, my phobia was healed.

Past Life Healing by Judy Sharp

I started practising as a hypnotherapist alongside other work in the Algarve, and gained valuable experience in dealing with all sorts of issues that clients presented to me. My professional training continued on visits to England with my mentor, Dr Keith Hearne, from whom I learned much about spirit release, soul retrieval and past life regression work.

Along the way I have worked with masters across a wide range of disciplines: mediums, healers, energy workers and even a shaman. My therapy tool kit contains elements from many modalities, but it is hypnotherapy and in particular past life regression for healing that is my passion. All my work has a spiritual dimension, inevitable with deep soul-level healing, and it is a joy to see clients, who had not considered such things before, returning from a past life journey with fresh awareness and understanding of who they really are.

Over the years, clients have presented me with many varied issues, although I have only had one request to find someone’s lost libido! The stories that emerge are usually quite traumatic. Of course, it is such trauma that the soul carries forward yet healing the past life also heals the issue in this life, allowing the client to move on.

Sometimes the connection is obvious. One woman, who was almost paranoid about her young children being physically sick, found a life in the Middle Ages. She was one of a large family struck by plague, the symptoms of which included people having a high fever and vomiting. All her siblings died but she survived and the guilt she felt then about not being good enough, unable to help her siblings, had rippled into this lifetime. Healing that trauma brought insights and understanding, and a healthier outlook towards her children.

Other times, the connection is more subtle. A young man whose life was in a mess and who had turned his back on his family and friends found a life as a young woman at the outbreak of WWI, a kitchen maid in a manor house. When she fell pregnant she was sacked and, instead of turning to her family for help, went to London where she became a prostitute, later raped and badly beaten and bleeding to death. Once he overcame his surprise at having been a woman and a prostitute, the client totally understood the deeper lessons and insights, and he gained a much clearer perspective on his behaviour in this lifetime.

My new book Past Life Healing is not an academic textbook but it does look at the concepts of past lives and reincarnation across history and cultures, and it does outline the research that has been done in the field both by academics and therapists. In between, there are more than thirty case studies of ordinary people whose ‘this life issues’ have been resolved by revisiting a past life, finding the real root causes and healing them at source.

Judy Sharp’s book Past Life Healing has won the Local Legend national Spiritual Writing Competition. It is available worldwide.

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