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Jules Standish - A Colourful Dose of Optimism

November 15, 2022

Jules Standish

Jules is “The Colour Counsellor” and passionate about getting everyone into their true colours to shine in their own unique and brilliant way.  She is considered one of the UK’s leading colour experts, Head of Colour at the London College of Style, and author of How NOT to Wear Black, The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing and her recent Amazon bestseller “A Colourful Dose of Optimism”.

She has appeared on TV; The Lorraine Kelly Breakfast Show, the Chrissy B well-being chat show, and the BBC Southeast 6 O’clock News. Having spoken on live radio globally, including Radio 4’s Today show, and “You and Yours” about the Wordle Green craze, she is often featured as the ‘go-to’ celebrity colour expert in the press on colour psychology and analysis for celebrities, royalty, and politicians.

Jules’ colourful comments in OK! Magazine for a fashion feature on the Queen titled “Dressing for a year like no other” appeared in the Historic Royal Collector’s Edition for 2021. She was nominated as one of Platinum Magazine’s over 50 influencers of 2020 and has been a guest feature writer for the magazine.  She has also written many articles for the media over the years and obtained a diploma in journalism in 2011. 

As a Colour Consultant and Personal Stylist, Jules works with a wide range of individuals and companies, from business executives and heads of industry to homemakers, students, and TV presenters. She presents workshops and talks on colour and style for corporate companies, such as BT, Microsoft, Champneys, and the UK Parliament. Jules also works with brands like the iconic textile company Kvadrat, Swarovski, HONOR phones, LRM personalised accessories, Ridley London Fashion and Diva Catwalk.

Her interest in spirituality began as a child being brought up by her mother who was a healer and qualified with the renowned scientist Harry Oldfield as an Electro Crystal Therapist in her 20’s and practiced this amazing therapy whilst living in Hong Kong.  A diploma in Astrology followed, opening her world to the wonderful powers of the planets and their positive influences on our lives. 

Knowing that she wanted to place the well-being of others into her work, Jules trained as a stylist and Colour Consultant in 2005.  She has cited many times that her “light bulb” moment came when working on her fifth case-study.  She saw the transformational boost in energy and appearance when the correct colours for that individual were placed on the body and against the face.  The instant smile, the glow of the complexion, the brightening of the eyes and the harmony that was felt at a deep level by this lady was so overwhelming, it was the moment she knew that colour would change not only her life, but others too.  Helping people step into their own power, feeling confident, attractive, and looking healthy always aiming to show everyone how to be their best authentic selves in the most holistic way.

Jules Standish - A Colourful Dose of Optimism

One of the wonderful things about colour is that it crosses all boundaries, nationalities, gender, and age, and whilst different cultures appreciate colours in their own way, universally everyone can share in the positive and beneficial properties that colours offers.

In her inspirational new book, ‘A Colourful Dose of Optimism’ Jules puts forward simple, effective, colourful solutions to everyday dressing dilemmas and interiors, presenting ways to turnfearful, challenging situations into opportunities to feel more contented and confident. In the current climate of anxiety and uncertainty, she helps us to take control of the things we can change in a positive way, by giving ourselves a prescription for instant hope, joy, and optimism through the colours we wear and surround ourselves in our homes.

‘Just think for a moment about that instant surge of joy we get to experience when we see the first yellow daffodil after a long, dark winter. That hit of happiness is down to the powerful impact colours have on us, physically, emotionally, and psychologically’

Her research into the psychology and science of colours is brought together with the four-season analysis system, alongside a personality profile, to create a holistic colour diagnostics strategy.  She encourages us all to delve deep into our colour genetics, providing personal prescriptions to help us discover those all-important ‘happy colours’ to nourish ourselves and our environment.

Colour is light, which we see visually as wavelengths and can have a direct effect on our body temperature and behaviour. Certain colours at the hotter end of the spectrum, like passionate red, adventurous orange, and joyful yellow can be instantly stimulating to the senses.  They help us to feel uplifted and encourage us to get busy, start something new or simply be more positive and mentally active.

In contrast cooler colours can be experienced as calming, and wonderful stress busters in times of anxiety and fear.  Shades of blue, green, and purple, that are restful on the eyes can help us to feel more in control, to be more meditative and peaceful wherever we are.

Jules Standish

As colour is fundamental to our well-being Jules’s aim in the book is to give us some tools to learn how to create balance in both our wardrobes and home.  How we can enjoy a sense of serenity and happiness through our colour choices, providing us with positive benefits in all areas of life.

Jules’s ‘Perfect Plan’ for clearing and detoxing wardrobes to feel uplifted and energised with an easy step-by-step guide will help to create an exciting, sustainable, colour-capsule closet, injecting an instant hit of happiness into every outfit. We will also learn how to shop well, online and in person, and enjoy the feel-good factor of having found our own colourful comfort zone in our homes, putting self-care at the centre of our worlds.

Having discovered our “happy colours” we can go to the “My Colour Prescription” link printed at the beginning of the book to see our visual images by season and shade, along with the psychological benefits of each. Then take advantage of the book’s inspirational USP, with the opportunity to pay a one-off fee and download a digital App personal fan with over 100 shades to keep on our phones.  What joy to be able to tap into our “Colourful comfort zone” in an instant, never making expensive mistakes again when shopping for clothes, make-up, and the home.  

Jules offers us all the opportunity to look and feel fabulous forever in our best colours, for ultimate well-being anytime, anywhere in the world!  A Colourful Dose of Optimism, prescribe your own Happy Colours to Feel Good NOW is published by O-Books and available at Amazon and all leading bookstores.

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