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Karen L French - Sacred Geometry & Archetypal Symbolism

May 3, 2024

Karen L French

Karen L French is a best selling author on sacred geometry, with widespread acclaim for popularising complex concepts and themes. An artist and game designer as well as an author, she utilises her knowledge in her own transformative artworks and designs. Through her books, art, games and talks, French enjoys sharing the inherent possibilities of numbers, shapes and colours to effect very personal changes in spirituality and self-development practices.

She has a Joint Honours degree in Mathematics & Management Sciences and an MSc in Management Sciences, both from the University of Manchester, UK. French has a life long passion for understanding and interpreting recurring patterns and symbolism. In her early career Karen spent many years in international marketing, during which time she was published on several occasions.


Gateway to the Heavens and The Hidden Geometry of Life have become international classic texts. Central to each book in the Gateway Series is the Gateway, a geometric symbol comprising of the fundamental geometric shapes and principles. The Gateway can be used in a variety of ways to describe and explore our relationship physically and spiritually within perceived reality.

Karen L French - Gateway to the heavens

Throughout history humans have looked for order and patterns in our surroundings and the stars in our quest to understand our purpose in life. Over many generations humans have discovered that sacred geometry holds the key to the mysteries of the universe, both in science and spirituality.

Gateway to the Heavens: Spiritual messages hidden in the sacred geometry shaping reality

In Gateway to the Heavens Karen investigates these geometrical mysteries and explains the purposes of geometric shapes that are the unchanging, building blocks of reality, such as time and space. She reveals their hidden messages as ever-present signs and symbols that commune with our hearts and souls, guiding your spiritual pathway. She shows you how these have been consistently represented through numerous media across the Ages, in all cultures. Karen also teaches you how they have a direct bearing on you and why you are here. Also, why this knowledge can facilitate the expansion of your conscious awareness of reality.

The Hidden Geometry of Life: Alchemy of creation blending sacred geometry, light, sound, the elements & intent

Delve into the creative process, into the heart of existence and its composition of geometry, energy of light, vibrant colours, and the Classical Elements of water, fire, earth and air. Wonder at how nature exploits all these things in her myriad of creations. Discover how sound carries the geometric code in its waves of vibration that activate, energise and change as it moves through all of Her creations.

When light, sound and the Classical Elements are incorporated into the Gateway to the Heavens the vibrant Gateway to Becoming model is established, summarising the alchemical creative process. When imbued with intent the latent power of this model is formidable.

Karen L French - The hidden geometry of life

This knowledge of the alchemical creative process has been known about and harnessed down the Ages. Our ancestors understood the powerful effects gained with the use of specific intent in their spiritual creative practices, such as temple design, use of mandalas, magical sigils, design of fetishes and even body art.

Our ability to be creative is a truly incredible faculty. So is our resourcefulness as we employ the myriad of Nature’s materials around us in our own resourceful endeavours. Our creativity as a science blended with spirituality invokes the alchemical fusion of materials, light, sound, mathematics, symbolism and the power of intent to produce living works of art.

Further books in The Gateway Series will be following soon. They will provide potent applications that utilise the summary content of these first two primary texts.

Find Karen L French’s books on Amazon, The Great British Bookshop, Waterstones, via good book shops, as eBooks and from Karen’s website.


When creating her artwork Karen clears her mind, even meditating, before selecting a canvas and materials. Every piece has an element of order and chaos to it, but these are not predetermined. Colours choose themselves as the work progresses. Using mixed media and specific materials, such as ground crystals or metallic leaf, includes an additional layer of vitality. Sacred geometry always features and provides the main message of the piece, while the colours indicate emotions or aspects of the human experience the geometry relates to. Karen also draws geometric symbols and light language on the back of the artwork to activate it.

Karen’s intention is to convey the effect of transformative alchemy using spiritual art for a personal perceptual experience. This art is an alchemical mix, where the intent, process, tools, materials and symbolism are essential ingredients of the overall piece. Much like yantras and mandalas Karen’s pieces are tools for connecting into with your Mind for receiving healing, guidance and inspiration. Transformative alchemical art can even change the viewer in some way, physically, subconsciously, or emotionally. Through symbolism the timeless, boundless and formless are made concrete as images to explore reality.

You can view Karen’s art in her galleries on her websites.

Message Karen directly if you are interested in buying her original artwork.

Cards and prints can be bought via her website or from ThumbNail Media.

Karen L French montage


Karen L French has created several board and card games based on sacred geometry and symbolism, both for spiritual practice and also traditional family fun. Her first one is being released in the Spring 2024 with Liminal 11 publishing. More will follow.

Since 2008 Karen has travelled extensively in the UK and parts of the USA, promoting my books and art through various events, talks, workshops, TV/ radio interviews and articles, etc. As geometry and symbolism is embedded in every culture and discipline she is privileged to meet a wide cross- section of people.

Thank you to everyone for your support of my work over the years. It is really appreciated!

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