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Mariel Forde Clarke – Where After

November 5, 2022

Mariel Forde Clarke

The renowned Professor Albert Einstein said that “every scientist becomes convinced that the laws of nature manifest the existence of a Spirit vastly superior to that of man – that spirit formed his idea of God”. So, who or what is God and where does he/she hang-out or where can I find him? My quest for such answers came in 1992 when I was diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer and was facing my own mortality. I died on the operating table and was pronounced dead. I found myself floating out of my body and into the most magnificent light filled space.

A universal love held me in sacredness as a God presence of total bliss enfolded me. I felt I was in the womb of creation; I was part of it, and it was all of me -we were one. I heard the most celestial music – it was so beautiful it soothed my soul. I felt a peace and tranquillity that I had never known before. I had no fear as this loving presence caressed my body, while doctors tried to resuscitate me.

As I was pulled further into this vortex of light, a hand appeared before me, almost like a stop sign which prevented me from going any further.  Next thing I remember was being sucked back into my body and hearing doctors saying, “she’s back – we have her back”. Days later my surgeon informed me that I was one lucky lady to be alive and that someone must have been watching over me. My father died the year previous, and I have no doubt he petitioned a Divine dispensation in my favour. I dedicated the following year to my recovery and healing, but the presence of this magnificent light never left me, it became my friend and constant companion. I understood then that there was a reason for my existence, but I needed to discover why. The promise of a place, a heaven, an afterlife was something I needed to explore.

I became a sponge for knowledge, I had an insatiable thirst for what lies beyond physical death. I read many books on death and dying, I travelled abroad to undertake workshops on various healing modalities. I became a Shaman, angel/ascension teacher, crystal healer, grief counsellor, Spirit Midwife, and teacher on spiritual awakening. I studied with amazing and inspiring teachers to mention a few, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, and the renowned Dr. Brian Weiss who is an expert in the field of reincarnation. I soon realised that I was only scratching the surface of what truly lies beyond the veil of death and beyond the five senses. Through my healing work I was beginning to sense blockages within the energy bodies of clients. I was beginning to understand that a powerful energy was guiding me and working through me. This energy I knew was not the energy I was born with, but a spiritual energy that would enter me when I invoked it prior to working on a client. It was also the energy I felt when I had my first spiritual experience with Mother Mary at the age of sixteen.

This happened in an old monastery that was situated beside my school. So profound was the experience that I never shared it with anyone for fear of been called a witch or away with the fairies. I knew all too well that anyone with psychic gifts or communicated with angels or conversed with the dead were condemned. My grandmother was no exception to this rule, she was born with psychic abilities and everything she did was in secrecy and behind closed doors. My uncle was a 7th son of a 7th son which meant he came into this world with the gift of healing. My youngest brother was very gifted and psychic. So much so that he pre-empted his own death in 2002.

While I had many experiences as a child with the angelic realm, I decided the safest bet for me was to “steer clear” of all things spiritual or metaphysical. I studied the sciences and became a Serologist. Yet I maintained my own way of communicating with the invisible world, this was with pure heart communication and never reciting prayer after prayer as I felt this was merely lip service.

Mariel Forde Clarke

Becoming a serologist, was a major achievement in my life. However, being young and foolish I fell madly in love and left my career behind me. That time in Ireland it was deemed sinful to engage in sex before marriage, so being the good catholic girl, I refrained until I got the full licence. Soon the romance dwindled and the girl that was once happy and chirpy was now hiding behind a mask of pain, anguish, and hopelessness. In one year alone I experienced the passing of my father, diagnosed with advanced cervical cancer, moving house and the breakup of my marriage. This was surely my spiritual awakening, my faith and trust in God was a surrendering of myself to a higher power.

It was then I understood and came to believe that my spirituality was the cornerstone of my mental and physical health. I viewed my “spiritual-ness” as a sense of meaning and purpose in my life, with an ability to see what is possible in this universe.

An openness to love a potential to heal and a respect and awareness for one’s inner wisdom. I believe it is love – not religion – which generates spiritual growth. I believe that divinity is love and it is through divinity that all things come into being. My friend Einstein believed that love is the most powerful force on the planet because it has no limits. Nothing exists without love, and nothing is healed without forgiveness. In truth I believe that love is the real God, I know this because I have been in its presence.

Initially, I found it incredibly difficult to go through the process of forgiveness. I felt to forgive was to forget the perpetrations against me and pretend that shit didn’t happen. However, I remembered Mahatma Gandhi’s famous quote saying, “the weak can never forgive because forgiveness is the attitude of the Strong”. It was only then I realised that forgiveness had nothing to do with my ex-husband and everything to do with me. My true healing began the day I offered forgiveness to my ex-husband and to myself.  I realised I could no longer live happily in the present if I continued to stay stuck in my past. So powerful was my healing that I began to teach the forgiveness process in my workshops, night classes and to clients.

Mariel Forde Clarke - Where After

I began to see my world differently, in that I had found my tribe, people I could share my spiritual experiences with without fear of ridicule or judgement. I began writing articles for newspapers and magazines about Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, Bereavement, Suicide, and the Journey of the Soul. All topics were channelled and inspired by my guides and one particular Arch Angel Galliannael, who predates biblical times. Often, I was guided to write healing meditations, mantras, invocations to suit whatever program I was running. Many times, I was asked “may I have a copy of that meditation as I found it really helped me”. As a result of that I recorded some healing meditations – two of which can be downloaded from my website.

My book “Where After” was birthed purely by Divine Intervention. My life was hectic, and I was burning the candle both ends of the wick. My hubby and I decided it was time to treat ourselves to a ski holiday.

I was only two days there when the worst nightmare happened. I was knocked down by an amateur snowboarder who fell on top of me and broke my pelvic and bones in my back. I was unable to walk or do anything for myself for months. It was during these restless nights that my Guides began showing me the outline of my book.

I would wake at night and see outlines, images, wisdoms, verses and so much more. I argued with them and said “I would never be able to write a book” I was told to trust, and they would guide me.

One particular night they showed me a pyramid shape and I asked, “what’s that got to do with writing a book”. My guidance was very clear, the pyramid represented three points, each point was to represent a section of my book, the scientific model as I understood the sciences, the medical model as many renowned doctors were now adding their names to afterlife proof, and the final point was the spiritual model gleaned from my own experiences with clients over many years.

The birth of “Where After” began and for two years I was guided and inspired through every page of my book. This book is transforming even the deepest sceptic and answers many of the questions one ever needed to know about death, dying and the immortality of the soul.

My purpose in writing “Where After” is to offer a new way of thinking about death and shine a light of hope into the hearts and minds of its readers. Death is not the end but a transition from one plane of existence to another. My book provides a compelling argument that beyond the veil of death the soul (which is the essence of who we truly are) is eternal and never dies.

Wishing you heaven in heart and starlight in your beautiful souls always.

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