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Mel Stephenson - Unearthing deeper truths through Art

May 7, 2024

Mel Stephenson - Child of the Cosmos

I am an illustrator, writer and fine artist, fascinated by the nature of reality - who and what we are and why we are here. I draw inspiration from remembered landscapes, intuition, and feelings carried within me. I want to make the invisible seen, felt, and known.

As an analogue artist, my creations evolve at a personal, human speed with mistakes less readily erased but integrated. In our fast, digital world where disconnection, distraction, and instant gratification is commonplace, this way of creating feels essential to my humanness.

Mel Stephenson - Be fearless
Fig. 1 Be Fearless.

When I paint, I am unbound from my finite mind and aligned with universal mind. I paint to emote, stir the soul, and awaken the imagination. For me, this is the portal to freedom and transformation.

My ideas come from the dance between human experience, quantum science, and spirituality. I blend the real and imagined into a new metaphorical landscape because I find it frees the mind to see with the heart.

I have often felt like an outsider looking in at a world where I didn’t understand the rules and struggled to belong. Challenged by a noisy planet, I became skilled at masking my sense of loneliness and invisibility, and found solace in paint and words, creating worlds in which I felt seen.

Creating these worlds, I explored my stories and wounds, while unearthing deeper truths about the universe in which we live. Storytelling became the channel for communicating with my cosmic self – my unique spark of Universal Consciousness.

Mel Stephenson - Letting go
Fig. 2 Letting Go

Exploring the science of quantum reality, I learned new ways of seeing and being in the world. Had I known I had a direct line direct to a loving, conscious field of energy from which I came, I might have felt less alone.

Now I know, my journey is to remember, to open the transmission from my heart to my mind and share it, so others can feel at home inside themselves and align to who they have come here to be.

As an illustrator, I am inspired to write and illustrate stories that invite readers of all ages to come home to their heart and align to their cosmic self.

I liken the idea of my picture books as medicine for the soul. Images are story. Art permeates the invisible, the unspoken, the language of the soul for healing and conscious growth.

Mel Stephenson - Pilgrimage
Fig 3. Pilgrimage

Themes of my picturebooks address the struggles of survival in our three dimensional lives and the sense of wholeness and potential that comes with reconnection to soul.

The words usually come first as a spring board for images and metaphors to come into fruition.

As an artist, my process depends on the medium I use. I start with a feeling, as sense or a memory that wishes to express itself. Charcoal is the most direct access to this place within me, often exploring the shadow within.

When working in oils, images often lie in layers beneath the surface, symbolic of the struggle to discover the metaphor that wishes to be seen, guided by listening and an inner knowing.

The landscapes often appear despite me, with only a sense of right and wrong as a guide. This is not a cognitive process, rather images are created by my psyche’s need to reveal itself.

Mel Stephenson - The Present
Fig 4. The Present

And oftentimes, I simply call myself a storyteller.

By exploring the unseen, we can go within to deeper truths about our existence that shift our reality to empowered creators in ways that are meaningful to our lives: where the story is not our prison or end.

But to experience these truths and be unbound from limitations, I believe we must first free ourselves from the conditioning we inhabit.

Until we do, it remains as trapped energy, repeating experiences painfully, until is heard, loved and released. Therefore, to ‘see’ our story, we heal the split between ourselves, the world and the universe.

Through the lens of quantum physics, art psychology and spirituality, I see this experience and process as my light body or soul inhabiting an incredible virtual reality suit, which uses senses as a mechanism for experiences that translate to the brain and nervous system, received as electromagnetic vibrations.

Mel Stephenson - Home
Fig 5. Home

The way we translate experiences becomes reality through our thoughts and beliefs. Therefore, we are a collection of stories, which can empower or limit us.

‘We may not be able to control all the conditions in our external environment, but we certainly have a choice in controlling our inner environment.’ (Dr. Joe Dispenza)

Ultimately, my journey has brought me to the science of inner transformation. Central to this, is the imagination. It is a mysterious realm of creation itself, and when harnessed with conscious intention, acts as the intermediary to bring our dreams or fears into the material world.

As an artist, I believe imaginary worlds are more impactful when they are rooted in truth rather than pure fantasy. This bridges the imagined and real events and speaks to the language of the soul. Fantasy is like daydreaming, unanchored and cut off, whereas imagination is a way we reach out and connect with otherness.

‘I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.’ (Einstein)

‘The secret of imagining is the secret of God. Anyone who finds it finds supreme power, supreme wisdom, supreme delight. Everyone should aspire after this secret and try to unravel it, for whatever you find about your own wonderful human Imagination, you are finding about God, for your Imagination and God are one and the same.’ (Neville Goddard)

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