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Natalie Farrell - Light the way

May 6, 2024

Natalie Farrell

We are one.

Three very powerful words. What do these words mean to you? Do you believe them? Do they stir something deep inside your soul? Or does your body reject them? I most certainly had trouble believing this concept at the beginning of my spiritual journey but this is all part of the miraculous, step by step journey we take towards oneness. As we release ourselves from the binds of our past we step further each day into our “whole’  identity integrating all parts of ourselves to become one whole entity.

Who am I?

There we go again. Another powerful 3-word combination. I am Natalie. I am light. I am singer. I am divine. I am energy. I am woman. I am alive. I am writer. I am spiritual. This is my truth. But at 27 when I had my first spiritual awakening  the 3-word combinations coming out of my mouth were very different.

I was depressed. I was bulimic. I needed help. I was struggling. I was stuck. I was unhappy.

Lost Soul

At this point in my career, I was a singer and vocal coach. On paper, my life was looking really good. I had a property. I had money flowing into the bank. I had a lot of friends. I had opportunities. But inside. I was dying. I was suffocating. I hated myself. I hated the skin I lived in. And on the nights I was alone, I felt so lost. And on the days when I was in a room full of people, I also felt alone. Until one day I said to myself enough is enough and I surrendered and allowed myself time for a healing journey exploring all aspects of well-being including physical, psychological and metaphysical.

Natalie Farrell in the studio

When I think back on this period of my life, I see a small person, trapped within a multitude of constricting confines which controlled my attitudes to my body and my sense of self. Instead of looking inward, I was constantly focusing outwards and my inner critical parent was firmly in control. Any self-esteem I did have was drowned by behavioural traits and survival traits such as people pleasing, perfectionism, and self-judgement.

Quantum Leaps

At the age of 33, I quit my job and took time out for travelling and studied to be a yoga teacher.  I asked myself those 3-words who am I? I wanted to really get to know Natalie. What she wanted. What made her truly feel alive.

During this time, I overcame many small, but big challenges; managing my travel budget, meeting people I didn’t know, going to places where I had never been, driving on the other side of the road, walking across cities without a plan or a destination, adjusting to the huge, open spaces of Nevada and the contrasting busyness and claustrophobia of Rome. Being a lone traveller in Italy opened the path to conversations with strangers, inspired a new internal dialogue and thoughts and provided moments of mindfulness and self-indulgence. I had come from such a restrictive place, that I was opening myself up and changing, thinking, “I’m not the person I was, I feel differently now, and I feel the world’s a beautiful place.” 

This blend of self-discovery and self-devotion has offered me a depth of insights that at 27 I never knew was possible. Taking quantum leaps of faith has been a big part of the process. I took the time during my 30s to expand myself and my offerings. After leaving my vocal coaching business I became a well-being coach, yoga teacher and founder of an online yoga business called Yummy Yoga Girl guiding people to discover their true identities and find peace within themselves.

Quantum Shifts

In 2020 when the world came to a halt, the year of a new decade and my 40th birthday I was asked to be a radio presenter for Wellbeing Radio. I plunged into this adventure with my heart, body and soul. It was incredible.

Natalie Farrell by the swimming pool

I loved being part of the Well-being Radio family. Cosmic Soul Sunday show taught me about reciprocity, the beautiful exchange of giving and receiving for the highest good of all. I felt connected through this network of listeners and presenters. I began to fully embody the concept of wholeness.

During my time at the radio, connections began sprouting  for me. I met Nicola Humber who would later become the publisher for my first book. At last, I was  meeting soul-led business owners whose values and principles aligned with mine. As a result of this I was feeling safe to truly start to speak out loud, use my voice and explore the depths of my soul purpose and job here on planet Earth.

Voice Activation

Who am I? I am Natalie, a cosmic songbird with a passion for guiding people to tune into their innate wisdom, find sanctuary in their hearts and freedom in their souls. Through my work as a writer, author, and singer, I empower changemakers to push to their edges: to activate the power of their intuitive voice I use sound to break down barriers and uncover psychological trauma tears stored within the cells releasing it through the use of vibration, free singing, brainwave entrainment, frequency, coded music  and and to begin truly dancing with life.

Singing you into alignment

As a leader, and Soulpreneur, I embody all aspects of my raw, divine femininity while breaking conventions, creating change and paving the way for others to follow. My unique strength lies in my gentle, loving essence and intuitive, mystical powers which light the way for women to rise, awakening to their mastery and owning it fully.

The Essence

I’m a natural communicator with music, dance, creativity and colour flowing through my DNA, translating the light I see in the world into something tangible to amplify the human experience.

“If you get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.” Eckhart Tolle,

On reflection, I am reminded of this quote by Eckhart Tolle, which profoundly impacted me at the age of 27. When I look back something deep inside of me knew that I had to ‘stand up’ and, metaphorically speaking; ‘throw open my wings and fly’ through those constricting confines programming from my life and programming from my ancestor’s life to fully wake up and be who I was born to be.

Today I take the path of least resistance daily. I love myself. I trust in my higher power. I am of service to others. I make conscious decisions to help the planet within my circle of influence. I boldly step each day into the unknown and trust the creations that come through me and the connections I make are all divinely planned in divine timing.

Natalie Farrell's book

Natalie Farrell is a leader in voice activation, intuitive sound healing and linguistic psychology. With an accomplished 20+ year background in singing, voice coaching, presenting, and writing her work with Soulpreneurs acts as a catalyst for profound transformation guiding them to be fully visible within their field of expertise. In 2021, she published her first book, ‘Light The Way’ a powerful companion for modern-day change makers who are ready to go all-in and approach business and life the unconventional way.

Natalie Farrell - Born to stand out

In 2022 Natalie’s debut album Born To Stand Out released on I-Tunes & Spotify: these sonic soundscapes create an immersive experience both emotionally and physically for the listener to remember & reclaim the power of their voice. Her mission: to release reverberant voices.

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