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Nicky Helm - Healing Angel Art

December 3, 2022

Nicky Helm is a London based Artist who runs Healing Angel Art, which beautifully brings spirituality and art together. A teacher of Art and Design with a passion for painting angels, reiki healing, crystals, colour and spirituality, she has an optimistic outlook on life with a real sense of inner peace and compassion.

From early childhood, happy memories of creative summers spent painting with her mother and grandfather inspired Nicky to follow an artistic path. Being brought up in a Christian household developed her interest in the afterlife, leading her to study other religions such as Buddhism and Hinduism. She still felt she was searching for a deeper meaning, wholeness and purpose which she began to find once she started to explore spiritual philosophies and practices such as tai chi, crystal healing and reiki techniques.

Nicky has always felt the presence of Angels in her life but it wasn’t until 2013 after a serious illness and life saving surgery that Angels begun to make a much bigger impact on her life.

Nicky Helm - Sunshine Angel
‘Sunshine Angel’ Painted while in Ibiza, inspired by Komorebi : Sunlight filtering through the trees.

Sunshine Angel illuminates positive energies and warmth with her golden rays of light, bringing happiness and a real sense of summer.
Nicky Helm - Rainbow Fluorite Angel

Rainbow Fluorite Angel inspired by Rainbow Fluorite crystals and a beautiful rainbow on a spring day.

Rainbow Fluorite Angel radiates loving rainbow rays of light, calming the mind, bringing inner harmony and confidence in ourselves, uplifting our hearts, encouraging a positive outlook on life.

Realising she needed to find more of a work life balance and spend more time with her family and painting she went on holiday to Ibiza to recuperate and stay at a friend’s beautiful agriturismo in the northern Ibiza countryside near San Carlos. One lazy sunny afternoon whilst having reiki under the lemon trees Nicky was guided to paint her first angel and a new journey began.  As she lay under the trees she felt a golden glow cast around her and a beautiful pure angelic presence. She had woken up…. realising that spirituality comes from our soul, a way of life, connecting us to the universe for the highest good.

Nicky has always been aware of the effects and magical powers different colours can have on our minds and bodies and you can see in her paintings how much she is inspired by the healing colours of nature.

Back at home in London Nicky continued to feel guided to paint Angels who communicated to her through her meditation, dreams, signs and symbols, the more she listened the more they communicated. It became a very self-healing process, creating a happier and healthier life. Soon friends started asking Nicky to paint for them, word spread and now Nicky paints Healing Angels for individuals worldwide gaining many commissions through social media and her Etsy online shop. Her commissions are usually for people who ask for an Angel painting that specifically relates to their energy, or the energy of a loved one in this realm or the afterlife.

Nicky Helm - Mother Mary Angel
Mother Mary Angel

Mother Mary Angel was a very emotional painting for Nicky to work on as it was commissioned by someone who’s baby had passed over. Guided by divine angels she felt unconditional love surrounding her while she painted and when finished she could sense a pure lightness of heart bringing faith, hope and peace.
Nicky Helm - Amethyst Golden Sparkle Angel
Amethyst Golden Sparkle Angel

This beautiful painting was commissioned for the front cover of a book called ‘Morning Angel Rituals’ Nicky says ‘ I believe art helps us heal through its vibrant colours and spiritual energies and hope this is communicated through my paintings. I am so thankful to have Angels in my life and I hope that my Angel paintings bring as much joy to others as they do to me when I am painting them!’

Nicky has a deep understanding of how art and spirituality blend together. She begins her paintings with a reiki crystal meditation, guided by Angels she fills her paintings with positive healing energies of the universe to help heal the mind body and soul. Her paintings are full of love, compassion, and pure light healing energies.

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