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Nicole Frobusch - Spirituality, Sculpture and Art

February 17, 2023

Nicole Frobusch

Nicole Frobusch, is a multidisciplinary artist, born on the 6th of May 1970 in Muenster, Germany.

A single child, she connected deeply with animals and nature as her companions.

Nicole was very close to her grandmother, who’s stories transported her into different worlds, never quite feeling at home in this one. Her intuition knew there was so much more than what she was told. It made her ask a lot of questions, feeling she needed to uncover and rediscover something far more magical.

At college her psychology teacher handed her the book “The journey to Ixtlan”, by Carlos Castaneda, and that was the start of her spiritual quest at the age of 17.

The path of the indigenous, their connection with the Starnations, animal kingdom, minerals and nature, where all is spirit and sacred, made her feel less lost.

Her curiosity made Nicole study many diverse spiritual traditions and philosophies over the past 35 years, always looking for the golden thread, which unifies the All.

Nicole Frobusch - Water and Fire
Water and Fire

She learned alternative healing methods alongside natural healing through plants and is a Reiki Masters and holder of the Munai Ki Rites, alongside shamanic and the old ways ceremonial and ritual practices.

Nicole grew up between Italy and Germany and moved to London in 1992 after completing her A-levels in Art & Psychology.

In London she became pupil of legendary expressionistic dancer/teacher Hilde Holger and spent years in her basement studio in Camden Town. Performing and teaching contemporary dance and improvisation, she founded her own dance Company “The Akashic Dance Theatre”.

In 1996 she was invited by her friends to join an all-female choir, performing their debut gig in Stoke Newington’s cemetery by candlelight, all dressed in white. They would name themselves The Mediaeval Baebes and signed a record deal with Virgin Classical.

Many adventures were lived, invitations to perform in strange & magical places.

Creativity and seeking to understand what it means to be a conscious human is fundamental to Nicole.

Nature and the Cosmos, symbolism, alchemical transformation, mysticism and the importance of rituals are the inspirations behind her artworks.

Nicole Frobusch - Beyond the Veil
Beyond the veil tempera on Hemp Paper.
The sense of sacred coming from the spring, deep from within the earth untouched, whispering echoes of perennial wisdom.

Foraging for plant and minerals, earths and fruits to extract their colours and to make them into paints and inks. Inspired by her daughters Nicole completed her Masters with distinction at the Prince’s Foundation School of Traditional Arts in the Summer of 2022. She received the Kairos Award for best hand drawn and sensitive Geometry presented by Gail and Amanda Critchlow.

For her MA she researched the divine feminine, as a response to the lack of inclusion she experienced in the literature and teachings she received.

Focusing on the mediaeval period she looked for craftswoman, geometers, architects, stonemasons, alchemists, visionary females honouring and giving them a voice. Raising the attention to the limits of ingrained behaviour, social, academic and religious inculcation of the feminine.

To recognise the contributions of women from the past and to account for the denial of the feminine, to shine a light on the devaluation and the utter importance and necessity of her inclusion in all fields of academia , religious studies , philosophies and the traditional arts.

Through the trajectory of female spirituality in high and later Middle Ages where thousands of mothers, sisters and daughters were killed. The regulation of sanctity and the inquisitional procedure, as an instrument for assessing and proving, the authenticity of women’s spiritual lives.

Casting doubt on mystical experiences and implementing dreadful accusations and murders.

Nicole created paintings, clay sculptures and ritual water vessels as a response, which were exhibited as part of the degree show at The Garrison Chapel Gallery in Chelsea, London in July 2022. In October Nicole exhibited at the College of Psychic studies “Creative Spirits” alongside an amazing array of fellow and deceased artists.

Momentarily Nicole is living between her home in Hackney and a Shepardess Hut on the welsh border immersed in nature. In seclusion she connects deeply with the land and waters, inspired in creating new work from her experiences.

Nicole Frobusch - The Mother
The Mother hand coiled in clay, inspired by the ancient votive eye statues dating 3700-3500BC. 1000 of these figurines were found in Tel Brak, offerings to the Goddess. The alchemical process of creating her externally and internally. The veneration of the Black Madonna, the transformation of the red clay to black in the kiln.
The original mother of the earth , often kept in crypts near sacred springs and wells, the incarnation of earlier goddesses like Inanna, Isis, Demeter...
Nicole Frobusch - The Daughter/Maiden
The Daughter/Maiden, there was once a time when the waters were honoured and the wells were tended by the well maidens, providing sustenance to travellers, the spiritual connection to all that welled from within the earth.

As the story goes one day a King came by and instead of accepting the gifts from the maiden raped and humiliated her, he took the golden cup to take the powers for himself. The well Maidens withdrew and the gift of spiritual nourishment, the very bond between the earth and mankind, was lost. The land was wasted, the waters polluted. The story is hundreds of years old but so poignant for our times, the journey in reclaiming that which has been lost or hidden from sight. Nicole loves Geometry to refocus and to align her awareness.

Drawing geometric patterns allows one to enter into the state of being and the thread we hold to all that is. The unfolding of the point, line and circle and it’s infinite potential. Entering the point of stillness within ourselves, connecting Heaven & Earth and engaging in the multidimensional nature of reality and our capacity to experience it, illuminates and changes our consciousness.
Nicole Frobusch - The Grandmother
The Grandmother the elder, storehouse of wisdom in the indigenous cultures. Spirals the eternal symbol found across the globe. The vortex, as found in water and in the double helix structure of DNA molecules and the unfoldment in nature. Her body is round and hollow and she echoes like a bell when hit.
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