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Ann Bridge-Davies

Ann Bridge Davies

Whilst I was drawing faces by the age of five, I didn’t realise that the people I ‘saw’ spiritually could be drawn and recognised until I was in my thirties. Then my life changed as my portraits were recognised as family and friends of the people who watched my public demonstrations or had private readings. I also demonstrated my work on two television programmes, and was invited to create spirit portraits in several European countries and the USA.

Being able to sense those in the spirit world – and have the ability to represent them clearly as spirit portrait drawings – is my life’s work and I love being able to bring peace and evidence to others in this way.

The Art of Spirit by Ann Bridge Davies

The Art of Spirit

For more than one hundred and fifty years, mocked or ignored by an art establishment unwilling to believe the evidence of their own eyes, a handful of dedicated artists and mediums have been producing the most enigmatic and beautiful visionary images...
Ann Bridge-Davies - Portraits From Spirit

Portraits From Spirit

This is a personal account of the author’s development as a spirit artist, from the earliest years when she believed that everyone could see what she clearly saw – and was roundly chastised for even speaking about it – to later years as a profe...
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