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Anna Parkinson

Anna Parkinson is a former BBC producer now recognised for her work as a UK based writer, healer and teacher.

Anna Parkinson - Beyond Sex and Soup

Beyond Sex and Soup: Living a Spiritual Adventure

A healer reveals powerful invisible ‘tools’ to expand your horizons and overcome personal challenges. Beyond Sex and Soup is about the beauty in you. The beauty is always there but sometimes shrouded by fear, anger, anxiety or pain. This story is...
Anna Parkinson - Change Your Mind Heal Your Body

Change Your Mind, Heal Your Body: When Modern Medicine Has No Cure The Answer Lies Within. My True Story of Self-Healing

Your body is trying to tell you what's wrong! A successful journalist-turned healer describes her innovative system of healing through the lens of her own self-healing journey. Parkinson was a busy workaholic reporter who yearned to leave her stressf...
Anna Parkinson - Nature's Alchemist: John Parkinson, Herbalist to Charles I

Nature's Alchemist: John Parkinson, Herbalist to Charles I

John Parkinson's beautiful Paradisi in Sole Paradisus Terrestris inspired Anna Parkinson from an early age. Who was this man who wrote so engagingly about plants? Was he a relation, as her father believed? And why was so little known about a man wh...
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