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Emma Mumford

Emma Mumford

Emma Mumford is the UK’s leading Law of Attraction expert. She’s an award-winning life coach, 2x bestselling author of her books Positively Wealthy and Hurt, Healing, Healed, speaker, Law of Attraction YouTuber and host of the #1 spirituality podcast on iTunes ‘Spiritual Queen’s Badass Podcast’. Emma’s work helps people turn their dream life into an abundant reality using the Law of Attraction and spirituality.

Hurt Healing Healed by Emma Mumford

Hurt, Healing, Healed: Release Limiting Beliefs, Fears & Blocks to Supercharge Your Manifestation

A uniquely powerful take on emotional healing that combines super-charged manifestation skills and the Law of Attraction with deep healing work, by award-winning spiritual coach and mentor Emma Mumford. This is the only book on the Law of Attraction ...
The Positively Wealthy Journal by Emma Mumford

The Positively Wealthy Journal

Perfect for fans of Emma Mumford's best-selling Positively Wealthy, this accompanying journal is packed with brand new tips and daily prompts to help the reader succeed with money, and offers spiritual guidance to radically improve their financial an...
Positively Wealthy by Emma Mumford

Positively Wealthy: A 33-day guide to manifesting sustainable wealth and abundance in all areas of your life

A spiritual yet practical guide to succeeding with money—including daily steps to shift your money mindset—that offers spiritual guidance to radically improve your financial and mental wealth. Positively Wealthy is a guide to manifesting abundanc...
Spiritual Queen by Emma Mumford

Spiritual Queen: A cosmic guide to show you how to say YASS to yourself, YASS to life and YASS to your dreams

Let’s get one thing clear; you never stop being a Queen! Whether you’re down-on-your-luck, riding-high or just coasting your way through your quarter-life crisis, you are always wearing your crown for the world to see. Being a Queen comes with on...
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