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The Empty Danger by Anna Tizard

The Empty Danger - The Book of Exquisite Corpse #1 by Anna Tizard

A weird, wildly imagined fantasy novella about facing fear during the 2020 lockdown, this short novel is an ode to hope.
The Midnight Ship (The Book of Exquisite Corpse – Short Story) by Anna Tizard
Brainstoryum (Podcast) by Anna Tizard

Brainstoryum (Storytelling Challenge) - Podcast by Anna Tizard

Dreampunk and “deep” fantasy author Anna Tizard explores the enigma of inspiration and psychology of writing, mixing profound ideas with zany humour.
Barely Composed (Short Story) by Anna Tizard

Barely Composed (Short Story) by Anna Tizard

A classical musician meets the demon of death metal! This short story is free but exclusive to subscribers.
The Spiritual Arts Foundation
The Spiritual Arts Foundation is dedicated to promoting arts related projects that specifically demonstrate a vision of spirituality at their core. We represent all positive and life-affirming spiritual and religious beliefs.
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