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Glynis Amy Allen

Glynis Amy Allen

I was born with exceptional psychic and spiritual gifts, seeing and understanding people’s auras, reading tealeaves and seeing visions in crystal, and hearing the voices of spirits and angels in my head giving warnings or guidance.

As a frontline NHS nurse for three decades, my gift of clairvoyance helped me to see and communicate with spirit doctors and angelic beings, all caring for my patients, as well as spirit families arriving to help their loved ones to cross over.

Ghosts of the NHS by Glynis Amy Allen

Ghosts of the NHS: And Other Spirits I Have Known

The author is an hereditary clairvoyant medium and has seen, heard and communicated with the spirit world all her life. Guided by her grandmother, a seer herself and the recognised local Wise Woman, she learned to develop her gifts carefully in order...
The Angels Beside Us by Glynis Amy Allen

The Angels Beside Us

This book, a true account of the author’s experiences as a NHS nurse and hereditary medium, rightfully won the national Spiritual Writing Competition. A sequel to the bestselling Ghosts of the NHS, Glynis focuses here on the many occasions when she...
Furry Spirits by Glynis Amy Allen

Furry Spirits: The Beautiful Souls of Our Animal Friends

Alongside her nursing career, and after retirement, Glynis has always worked as a clairvoyant medium. With a special love of animals, she has found that spirit animals – her clients’ pets – have often communicated with her to prove to their own...
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