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Jo Dunbar

Jo Dunbar

Nature is my passion, and I am lucky enough that my work is the interface between plants and people. I love it so much that I want to share the joy and wonder of what plants can do for us with the reader, so that we can love and respect them as beings of power and intelligence.

In my spare time, I enjoy living the Celtic wheel of the year, as a modern day Druid, celebrating the eight festivals in the forest, mixing and mingling with wonderful folk who also like to live a magical life. I also travel deep into the African bush where I can gaze at the wise elephants and talk to my guides about their spiritual lives.

The Spirit of the Hedgerow by Jo Dunbar

The Spirit of the Hedgerow

The history of humanity and of the hedgerows around us has always been an intimate one. Our ancestors lived in harmony with nature and knew how to prepare wild food and prepare remedies for their ills, but today we have lost that vital connection wit...
Secrets from a Herbalist's Garden by Jo Dunbar

Secrets From A Herbalist’s Garden: A Magical Year of Plant Remedies

There is nothing so magical as picking a ‘weed’ from beneath a hedge, brewing it in the cauldron of one’s own teapot and using that potion to restore health. This is everyday life-changing alchemy that we can all do once we recognise the exquis...
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The Spiritual Arts Foundation is dedicated to promoting arts related projects that specifically demonstrate a vision of spirituality at their core. We represent all positive and life-affirming spiritual and religious beliefs.
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