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Lyn Birkbeck

Lyn Birkbeck

Lyn Birkbeck is a professional astrological consultant, leading astrological thinking since 1979, and is the author of nine books, including the bestselling Do-It-Yourself Astrology (currently in print as The Watkins Handbook of Astrology).

Lyn Birkbeck - Dynamic Interactive Astrology

Dynamic Interactive Astrology: Level One – The Planets in Signs and Houses

Dynamic Interactive Astrology uses a comprehensive and sophisticated set of keywords, and subsequent key phrases created by the user, that provide immediate access to the meanings in one’s birth chart of the Planets, Signs, Houses and Aspects &...
Lyn Birkbeck - Understanding the Future

Understanding The Future: A Survivor’s Guide to Riding the Cosmic Wave

The next dozen years are set to be the most momentous of our lives. As humanity stands at the crossroads between a continued descent into dark materialism and the spiritual path back to the light, a great cosmic event is about to force this elemental...
Lyn Birkbeck - Astro Wisdom

Astro Wisdom (Knowledge, Love and Power in Your Stars)

All you need to know to obtain a wealth of information from this guide is your sun-sign, star-sign and age. There are no calculations and you can dip in and enjoy the following, mostly interactive features: your emotional intent – putting you i...
Lyn Birkbeck - Do It Yourself Astrology

Do it yourself astrology: A user-friendly guide to your personality

At last, understanding the specific celestial influences at work at the time of your birth and how they affect your life couldn’t be simpler. This is the first book to bring together in one comprehensive source all the information you need with...
Lyn Birkbeck - The Watkins Astrology Handbook

The Watkins Astrology Handbook: The Practical System of DIY Astrology

An astrology book in a class of its own, this comprehensive handbook is amazingly easy to use and uncannily accurate. Extensive tables and charts contain all the information you need to cast a “professional” horoscope – all the time...
Lyn Birkbeck - Divine Astrology

Divine Astrology; Cosmic Reconnection: Enlisting the Aid of the Planetary Powers

Most of what has been written in the name of astrology refers to personality and prediction. Divine Astrology presents Astrology in its true sense as a spiritual rather than predictive system. It sees personality as being an expression of Spirit, and...
Lyn Birkbeck - The Instant Astrologer

The Instant Astrologer

A comprehensive astrology package, this package consists of a book and a software package. It offers an in-depth analysis for each astrological configuration that an individual chart contains. including the Sign and House position of the Sun, Moon an...
Lyn Birkbeck - The Astrological Oracle: Divining Your Future and Resolving Your Past

The Astrological Oracle: Divining Your Future and Resolving Your Past

The Sabian Symbols are symbolic images representing each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. They were channelled in 1925 from the Mesopotamian Brotherhood, original founders of astrology, and followers of Hermes Trimegistus, author of the axiom that p...
Lyn Birkbeck - Do It Youself Lifeplan Astrology

Do It Yourself Life Plan Astrology: How Planetary Cycles Affect Your Whole Life

This guide to planetary cycles explains their significance in personal terms and for human civilization as a whole. With no calculations to do, it offers insight into critical life stages including emotions, growth and development, status and respons...
Lyn Birkback - Do It Yourself Relationship Astrology

Do it Yourself Relationship Astrology by Lyn Birbeck

Learn the golden rules of relating according to Planetary and Zodiacal Law in this complete and practical guide.
Lyn Birkbeck - Sun, Moon and Planet Signs

Sun, Moon and Planet Signs: A Guide to Self-discovery and Transformation

This is a guide to the use of astrological analysis as a method of changing your life. It gives details of all the planetary influences at work at the time of birth, with easy-to-use tables and a flow chart suggesting how readers can turn their negat...
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