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Martin Wells

Martin Wells

Martin Wells trained as a social worker, working in Brixton, London and later as a psychotherapist in Bristol. He has worked for the local mental health trust for over 35 years where he’s employed as consultant psychotherapist. He has been studying meditation for over 40 years and teaching mindfulness to his patients and staff for most of that time.

Martin Wells - Lost for Words

Lost for Words: The poetry of mindfulness and non-duality

In the early hours of almost every morning during the Covid lockdown in the months of March and April 2021, these poems began mysteriously arriving - like persistent early morning visitors. Curiously, the author's wife was absent for the whole of thi...
Martin Wells - No One Playing

No One Playing: The essence of mindfulness in golf and in life (Eastern Religion & Philosophy)

This is a story about a strange encounter on the golf course with someone who, on the face of it, knows nothing about golf but who ends up teaching the author about the inner game and questioning his approach to golf and to life itself. It's not just...
Martin Wells - Sitting in the Stillness

Sitting in the Stillness: Freedom from the Personal Story

Sitting in the Stillness is a collection of stories from the therapy room. Each one invites the reader to go beyond these personal accounts to the universal, beyond the agitations of the mind to an infinite stillness of being. The stories include exa...
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