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Nigel Peace

Nigel Peace

All my life I have walked, rather uncomfortably, with one foot in each of two worlds. Training in Science and Mathematics provided the great gifts of study and critical reasoning with which to explore my own daily paranormal and spiritual experiences and to investigate others’. From the vivid precognitive dreams of childhood to the recognition of genuine spiritual guidance in extraordinary everyday synchronicities, I have always searched for answers to the most important questions about human consciousness, the power of the mind and the nature of the spirit.

Mind you, there have been some good laughs along the way, too. Inspired by Tom Sharpe’s irreverence and Terry Pratchett’s alternative worlds, I am convinced that spirituality is often far too serious. I mean, any afterlife must surely be chock full of the same narrow-minded idiots as this world, eh?

Understanding the spirit is important business – maybe nothing is more important – but let’s try to be down-to-Earth about it.

Broken Sea by Nigel Peace

Broken Sea: A story of love and intolerance

A story of first love and the struggle for personal identity, as two young people meet by chance in the summer of 1968. Yet the depth of their feelings is immediately challenged by the tragedy and intolerance of international politics. Roy has a good...
Spirit Revelations by Nigel Peace

Spirit Revelations ... Everyday Spiritual Guidance

The work of half a lifetime, this is a personal account of hundreds of examples of proven precognitive dreams, incredible synchronicities and I Ching readings that demonstrate the extraordinary power of our minds and show that every one of us is able...
Signs of Life by Nigel Peace

Signs Of Life

A comedy romp of a novel across two worlds, Earth and the afterlife, which is naturally full of the same silly and bureaucratic people as this one. Finding it hard to settle in after death, an unlikely gang team up together and race to sabotage the a...
Lighting the Path by Nigel Peace

Lighting the Path: How To Use And Understand The I Ching

Based on the author’s decades of experience both personally and as a professional consultant, this is a guide to using and understanding the extraordinarily accurate ancient Chinese oracle, I Ching (Book of Changes). As well as an overview of the b...
Blood by Nigel Peace

Blood: Stories at the Dark Edges of Love

It is said that “all we need is love”... yet love takes many forms and rarely shapes up in the ways we hope for. We spend our lives searching for love and some of us are lucky enough to find it, only to discover that it changes in unpredictable w...
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The Spiritual Arts Foundation is dedicated to promoting arts related projects that specifically demonstrate a vision of spirituality at their core. We represent all positive and life-affirming spiritual and religious beliefs.
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