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Peter Walker

Peter Walker

I am a teacher, priest and poet. Having taught languages for many years I later trained for the priesthood, inspired by the mystical experience of love when I held our baby daughter in the wee small hours. Following ordination I worked as a Team Vicar in the Church in Wales.

I have written poetry since my teenage years, my personal attempt to express the numinous qualities of our lives and of the natural world, and the ways in which human experiences are mediated by language.

The House of Being by Peter Walker

The House of Being: Poems of Humanity and Nature

Peter Walker is a master of his craft and this outstanding collection of his poetry has deservedly won the national Spiritual Writing Competition for its mature and deep perception of the nature of being human in this wonderful natural world. As a te...
A Retiring priest by Peter Walker

A Retiring Priest: From There to Here

This collection of deeply insightful and compassionate poems charts the journey that we all take from our old familiar paths to the unfolding new opportunities for different ways of life and new callings. Whilst one part reflects the ways of the auth...
Penmon Point by Peter Walker

Penmon Point

A special collection of poems that touches on morality, doubt and the Celtic roots of Christian spirituality in Wales.
Old Men in Jeans

Old Men in Jeans

A short collection describing the day-to-day life of a vicar, with themes of Christian legacy and spirituality in Wales.
Listening to Zappa by Peter Walker

Listening to Zappa

This work explores spirituality both within and beyond the Church, sometimes clashing with and sometimes expanding on what we think of as ‘religious’, and shows that our sense of place often affects our perceptions.
A Pocketful of Myrrh by Peter Walker

A Pocketful of Myrrh

A contemplation of nature, the ebb and flow on life’s shorelines, and of pilgrimage, with an eye always on ethical and community issues.
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