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Enchanted Islands: Tales from the Galapagos

When, in 2013, the writer and therapist Ann Merivale realised a long-held dream of visiting the Galápagos, she did not anticipate that the trip would result in a book. But it seems that some of these islands’ non-human inhabitants thought otherwise! Whether you are a spiritual seeker, an ecologist, or simply someone who cares passionately about the planet and would like to learn a bit more about this, one of its most fascinating corners, you are likely to find something of interest within these pages. It’s not unusual for our clients to send detailed descriptions of their trip to Latin America – however, Ann Merivale’s account of her trip to the Galápagos takes an unusual stance. The book is written from the perspective of a number of the islands’ endemic species: we get the tortoise’s views, the albatross’s opinion, the spider’s tale… and the frigatebird has the temerity to take to task those humans whose grammar isn’t quite up to scratch. Delightful! Chris Parrott, Founder & Director, Journey Latin America The Galápagos is a remarkable place on our planet and it touches people in very different, but often life-changing, ways. There are few places indeed where on can commune with nature in the absence of fear or dominance. In this engaging book of short stories, Ann Merivale shares how she communed with the animals of the Archipelago whilst on a trip in 2013. Your own experiences of Galápagos will, like mine, undoubtedly be different. If you get the chance, do experience Galápagos yourself and in your own way, but, whether you manage to or not, you’ll certainly enjoy Ann’s view of the iconic archipelago captured within. Ian Dunn, Director, Galápagos Conservation Trust

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