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Hurt, Healing, Healed: Release Limiting Beliefs, Fears & Blocks to Supercharge Your Manifestation

A uniquely powerful take on emotional healing that combines super-charged manifestation skills and the Law of Attraction with deep healing work, by award-winning spiritual coach and mentor Emma Mumford.

This is the only book on the Law of Attraction vou need. Take your manifestation powers to the next level and change your life forever.

This is Spiritual Queen Emma Mumford's practical guide to identifying and releasing the limiting beliefs, fears and blocks that stop you from manifesting your desires. Using the Law of Attraction and other spiritual methods, Hurt Healing Healed offers a programme of inner healing techniques to help you to find freedom from the past and heal your emotional pain and trauma. Emma's simple and accessible techniques include:

Working through sources of pain in your past
Exploring and raising your inner vibration and energy
Reconnecting to your true self with unconditional love
Exploring your personal history and rewriting limiting beliefs
Overcoming your blockages and resistance to reignite your manifesting powers

"Emma Mumford presents an essential guide for those ready to embark upon the path to high vibes and healing." – KYLE GRAY, bestselling author of Raise Your Vibration

"Emma Mumford's tools really work and will get you the manifestation results you want." – MEL ROBBINS, author of the New York Times bestseller The High 5 Habit

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