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Sacred Sites & Places of Power 2 – Amaleina’s Journey by Heather Charnley

This second book is a continuation of my exploration of ancient sites.  It has played an important part of my life at a time when I had some inner journeying to do.  It mainly started after I had a brief brush with breast cancer, and the experience was enough to make me want to link with the earth more deeply, to find deeper healing within myself and link to the land.

The format of the book is that I had painted 82 coloured images, clairvoyantly portrayed as I did in my first book ‘Sacred Sites and Places of Power.’  These images show the energies of the earth as they emerge through the aura of those sites, and also their guardians.  This is a combination of my direct experiences at the sites combined with a story of people based in a village not far from where I lived at the time of writing the story. I do believe this ‘story’ is a fragment of time where these people were real, and I encountered this information from the local Akashic records and brought them to life again.  Indeed, Meg of Meldon, who features, is recorded in our local reference library as having existed.

The tale is of Amaleina, a young apprentice to a village wise woman, and she gets to visit all these sites I wrote about, in her apprenticeship, and relates her communications with the devas and beings at each site, which are my experiences!  The journey is seen through her eyes and she shares the story of her development. I have also included a number of black and white images too.  All the images and energies are as I saw and experienced them, as with most of the beings and their names, and also the words they expressed are taken from my notebooks.

The ley lines as given were discovered by Anthony Thorley in the 1980’s who used to live in the area, and so I wish to give acknowledgment to him for giving me initial inspiration to explore the lines and record my own experiences.


It is my great pleasure to write this foreword to Heather’s book “Amaleina’s Journey”.

The book itself was a pleasure to read, covering as it does the lesser known Sacred Sites of Norþanhymbra, modern day Northumberland.

Amaleina’s Journey is reminiscent of Brian Bates’  “The Way of Wyrd” in which a young man is apprenticed to an Anglo-Saxon Sorcerer. Here the story is that of a young apprentice/ neophyte, Amaleina, to a Wise Woman. In a similar way to Brian Bates’ work, there is much information to be gleaned by the reader as Amaleina is instructed by her mentor, and during her learning journey visits places of power and the description of her experiences at these sites is outstanding in containing inner wisdom. What makes these more surprising is that these are based on the author’s own experiences. Heather has masterfully distilled the essence of pre-Christian beliefs and woven them in to a tapestry that lives within the landscape of Norþanhymbra.

I particularly liked the ancient spelling of the place names in Norþanhymbra and the blend of history of the area and a depth of understanding of the spirit of place and nature that may not be apparent to the casual observer. I was impressed by the historical research that has been done by Heather, and also the wealth of information given throughout, in particular, information on the use of herbs.

In essence – the book describes a spiritual journey through Northymbria by a spirit walker, and those interested in the Sacred Sites of Northumbria, the way of a Wise Woman, and a deep sense of spirituality will find much to enjoy within these pages.

Suzanne White
North East Pagan Fellowship

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