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Sacred Sites & Places of Power 3 - The Scottish Stone Circle Oracle Cards by Heather Charnley

This is the third in the Sacred Sites and Places of Power series.  Over the years I have been inspired to travel all over the country, and the first book took me far and wide, including America, and the book covered many places over Britain and America.  The second book was locally based in Northumberland, and so it was a book that I felt inspired to go into one region more in depth.  As there was little history available, I used my intuition to create a story, which simply came through me, and I strongly felt it was relative to some past events involving local wise women.

In this third one of the series, having used my intuition within the second book, I took it further to create the oracle cards set, based on five stone circles I visited, three of them in 2005 when I visited Kathleen Murray, a crystal healer, near Aberdeen, and the other circles later.

A few years ago I did a priestess course with the FOI, and during that I was meditating on a stone circle of choice, and began to write information about one of the stone circles visited within that time, which is the Mother Circle, and then shortly after that the oracle card set was born!

How I discovered the Mother Circle was interesting in itself! I was walking up the Glen Almond valley in Perthshire to look at some ancient cairns a way up the valley, which I did, and on return I happened to look up at the hillside to my right, and a shaft of sunlight landed on top of a large stone, and I realised there was a circle of stones around this large stone. Intrigued, I went to investigate, and found a natural circle.

Within the Oracle Card set, there are the five card packs, one per stone circle, with information about each stone within the sets, an image of each stone circle, directions of how to get to each site, and instructions on how to use the cards.  They may differ from many card packs, because of the energetic vibrations from the cards themselves, holding them to the third eye to receive insight and healing, and I am not aware of other packs that have that capacity.


There are 5 sets that comprise this oracle card set, based on 5 stone circles in Scotland.  Each stone circle set links to the 5 elements, and the individual cards per stone have their own qualities. The characteristics of each stone are given in each set’s information.


TWELVE APOSTLES STONE CIRCLE: - AIR. The card sets each have their own characteristics, for the Twelve Apostles Stone Circle is more of a knowledge-based set.

THE MOTHER CIRCLE: - WATER. The Mother Circle is very intuitive, of a seer ship nature, and gives the story of a seer, Ailspaeth, who lived and worked there.

LOANHEAD OF DAVIOT CIRCLE: - EARTH. Yet again, the Loanhead of Daviot Circle links to the subtle realms well.  The words I received here were ‘it is a gateway to other worlds, to help with soul retrieval work’.

EASTER ARQUOITHIES STONE CIRCLE: - FIRE. At the Easter Arquoithies site, I found the energy here is definitely fiery.  Not physical, but spiritual fire, where energy moves and stimulates.  It rises from the Earth and can bring succour to many.  To sum up, I found this site good as a place to ask questions, receive divine answers and gather inspiration.

SUNHONEY STONE CIRCLE: - ETHER. At the Sunhoney Circle, this pack deals with the final release of individual or personal karmic connections, so that the individual can focus on higher frequencies that are available via this site.  It also links in higher frequency energy into the Earth, and can be directed where required.


The method is to spread the set around you as if you were inside the given stone circle you are working with.

Enter into meditation with the cards, intuiting which card wishes to give you some kind of message or wisdom, and work with it.  I often begin with going around all the cards in the set, and then in the next session, see if individual cards have additional messages to add. On average I usually have between three and eight sessions, however, there is no limit!

I always take a notebook into the session with me and jot information down as it comes to me, other people may prefer to do this afterwards.  As it is an experiential activity, you may find your own methods of working with them.

I have recorded all that I have experienced, and salient points have been added into the text, included with them are various questions that I asked, and they may be useful to begin with, for anyone who uses the cards, no doubt the user will ask their own questions in due course.  I shall also add a photograph of each site with directions to find the five stone circles.

This oracle card handbook needs to be ordered from Amazon, and the cards themselves to be ordered from the author. The card pack has a small mini-handbook for basic guidance.

Order the cards here:

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