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The Planets - from Apollo to Vulcan by Heather Charnley

The planets book, ‘Apollo to Vulcan’ had grown organically over a period of about ten years. I have gradually painted these images, which I did by meditating on each planet carefully, and would make a simple sketch or two per planet, and then begin to paint them.  I was also inspired to add written inspirational meditations to go with the images, to give further explanation, which I did once all the images were done.

For example, for Apollo’s Realm I wrote the following:

“Saints and seers, mystics and prophets all looked to my fiery strength, my inner power, the fulcrum of your planetary system – my heart-warming power can emblazon your soul.  Reach to me and you reach to the centre of your consciousness.  The axiomatic spin sings the same tune as your atomic structures, unknown to you they sing and dance in unison, the tune of the universe.  Come and join the universal song, which sings with a powerful voice of love and wisdom, our far-reaching strains break the barriers of limitation!”

For Luna’s Realm I wrote:

Out of the atmosphere of the night, these soft reflective forces sway in gentle murmurs through your consciousness.  Silvery blue is my song, which sweeps swiftly through the earth’s oceans, rivers and streams, the realms of intuition and the female psyche.

I had found the images touching and inspiring to paint, and they intuitively resonated with my own understanding of the planets from an astrological level and the inspiration about them. Somehow by painting the images in a meditative way synchronised the information I already had as an intuitive knowing on a deeper level, and brought out thoughts and feelings about them, which I couldn’t have done so beforehand.

I have always used my meditative imagery as an explorational tool to help me guide myself into deeper levels of knowing on any given subject, so I now wish to share this with you, the reader, and hope it will be an inspiration for you too.

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