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The Seeds of Amaranth, Book 1 - 'Recovering the Caskets by Heather Charnley

Two young women, Karin and Alyssia are spending some time in Cornwall.  They find a hexagonal casket on a beach, and it has crystals embedded on it.  They take it to their friend Sarah, who lives near Zennor, and they meditate with it.

During meditation the lid of the box flies open and a holographic image comes out of a large crystal inside.  They realise they are viewing imagery from the last days of Atlantis; one scene is from the final cataclysm, and another from an oppressive society in the latter days with their escaping population.

As the three women know little about Atlantis, they visit bookshops in St Ives, to buy reference material.  They meditate further and realise they were priestesses in Atlantis. There are three crystals inside the casket beside the large one, and they take one each.

Alyssia and Karin leave for Oswestry, as Karin and her partner Kenny have a mystical shop there called Plas Myrddin. Alyssia stays there to work also.  Sarah has an unwelcome visitor at her door, an impostor who is searching for the casket.  Sarah realises and makes a mad dash northwards to Oswestry.

Kenny meets a lady in the local park who says she does readings.  She calls around one evening, while everyone had decided to grow seeds that Sarah found in the casket.  They sprinkle some green powder on them, and they grow huge fairly instantly!

Maraya, the tarot reader who visits the group knows all about the casket and the plants, and describes their properties.  She also admits that she was part of a Moroccan group, who had their own casket.  She points out that there is a disk missing from each, and eventually tells the group that the caskets will only be safe once the disks are found.

She shows them how to travel back in time to Atlantis, but takes the three women first and they visit a healing temple.  They have their clairsentient abilities awakened, and are able to communicate with each other telepathically.

Later Kenny goes with Maraya, and he meets Jadeir the elf, who returns to Oswestry with them.  The women return to Atlantis alone to visit the mountain temple of Anchorin the high priest, and visit destinations of their past lives.

There are the Council of Twelve, space beings who oversee life in many galaxies and advise Anchorin regularly.  Hudlath the high priest from 200 years later than Anchorin, investigates a third casket in the Yucatan, and rescues it from hostile forces.

Anchorin goes to the Garden of Eden to obtain the white jar of essence, which will galvanise more strength to help the rescue mission, and sends for the Oswestry group to come over.  They find out that the other members of the Moroccan group are on a planet called Colony B, run by the hostile forces.  The group go there to retrieve them and the disks, travelling through a vortex, which has been on Atlantis throughout the ages.  The whole group are finally rescued by some of the Council of Twelve members.

Once the caskets are complete, the hostile forces are eliminated from affecting all other time periods due to the closure of the portals that interlink the time periods.  The group is able to return home before the portal routes have closed entirely.

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