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The Seeds of Amaranth, Book 2 - 'Reactivating the Codes' by Heather Charnley

Maraya and Costillo return to live in Atlantis instead of their original home in Morocco, and their friends Sagario and Danuel accompany them shortly after.  The climate had turned to winter when the alabaster jar was taken from the Garden of Eden, but on its return the weather’s deterioration was halted.  Then the vortices had to be closed to stop further infiltration from renegades.  Now the weather was beginning to improve, springtime was returning.

The Summer Islands off the coast of Atlantis not far from the capital city of Chalidocea is a visitor attraction and Maraya and Costillo decide to go.  On swimming around the tiny central island of Elaharia, Maraya disappears.  Costillo alerts the temples on the mainland and they research the temple records for information about how she disappeared, and find it was via a vortex.

Hudlath the high priest of the mountain temple 200 years after Anchorin, goes in search of her.  He follows the vortex back in time to find its source, and travels several thousand years back to when the Summer Islands were part of the land mass of the northern continent. He doesn’t find Maraya so returns home.

Meanwhile, Alyssia, one of the Oswestry group, goes for a walk up to the Old Oswestry hill fort and sees a vision of Maraya with dolphins, and then a mass of coded symbols stream into her.  She returns to the new age shop Plas Myrddin where she lives and works, but is unable to deal with the codes, as they are continually visible in front of her eyes and causing discomfort.  Hudlath takes her over to Anchorin’s temple and they download the codes into a data bank, thus allowing Alyssia to recuperate.  Three of the Council of Twelve members visit to help in the healing process, and the three caskets are brought in, and they act as strong catalysts.

Sarah finds a charming cottage via an estate agent, and on viewing it they find the well with codes painted on an inserted ceramic bowl. She dreams of visiting the well, and it appears to her in a shamanic manner.

Sarah and Karin go back to Atlantis to trace the origins of the vortex, and they reach the shore overlooking the Summer Islands, and from the shore they travel further back in time than Hudlath did, they discover it is a light year portal created by the Pleiadians, and the high priest Galaron who is closely related to them, knows how to travel along it.  He discovers that the vortex has taken Maraya towards the Pleiades, but she had been intercepted by beings who don’t work for the Council of Twelve.

Hudlath, Costillo, the Oswestry group, and friends of Jadeir the elf go off to rescue Maraya.  They travel on the Council of Twelve’s spaceship from the earlier time period, and use the Atlantean codes to re-energise the star-way to the destination planet, Pelucia, to clear its darkened atmosphere and transform it to its former bright and energetic state.  With that in place, it is relatively easy to rescue Maraya and seal off Pelucia, while ensuring that the star-ways of the universe are well monitored and energised for the future, and that nothing of the kind will invade them again.

Their return flight sees them land on a planet of crystals, where Maraya is healed from her time on the extremely polluted planet.

They return home, and discover Sarah is able to move into her new home with the sacred well, and during a ceremony it links everyone to Sirius.  Sarah feels many more interesting occurrences will happen via this well.

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