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The Seeds of Amaranth, Book 3 – ‘Resuming the Eternal Legacy’ by Heather Charnley

This is the final book of the Seeds of Amaranth trilogy shows how the Oswestry group builds on their experiences from their visits to Atlantis.

It begins with Sarah and Alyssia’s trip back to Lemuria, receiving Galaron’s support and they travel to the centre of the Earth to visit beings there, as well as the spirit of Gaia.  They also link to an interesting planet they feel they had lived on originally.

As a result of this experience, the whole group travel with the space beings to experience what it is like on a fifth dimensional planet, what they see and how they feel about it, as well as what they discover.  They visit two planets as well as Sirius, which compares with the Atlantean culture and the sources of that culture there. These two planets are Astragandara and Verdamara. Sarah and Alyssia are drawn to Astragandara, and Kenny and Karin are drawn to Verdamara.

There is a lot of inner journeying, meditation and insights that the group experience in order to understand what they need to know enough of in order to portray what life could be like on Earth, if people’s links to nature could become as close as their experiences had been.

This trilogy is an inspired journey, a way to experience what it is like to meditate and integrate it into your life, how to link to nature in a shamanic way, and especially to conjure up the atmosphere of Golden Ages from other time periods and the sense of closeness we can have with the real heartbeat of life, and the sense of ‘all time’ where the boundaries between time periods and dimensions can become blurred, allowing the wisdom and light in again!

In this third book, it links to the Garden of Eden on Earth and two other planets, Lemuria, the spirit world, and the centre of Earth.  In the aim to resolve and restore order and harmony on Earth, the Oswestry group bring back their wisdom and insights from all these places, including a glimpse into future times, and then are able to impart their experiences to others.

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