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True Origins of Jesus, The: The myth behind the man

The True Origins of Jesus, by Geoff Roberts, will save you years of research by giving the answers your inquiring mind is thirsting for. It bridges the gap between truth and myth, with a common sense that is difficult to find these days in discourses about Jesus. --Dean Wilkinson, Founder of

Through the ages, religious faith and historical fact have enjoyed a slippery relationship. Taboo and group-think make it hard for those who wish to question entrenched beliefs. In "The True Origins of Jesus" Geoff Roberts brilliantly clears away the fog. With clarity and courage, he walks us through the origins of the Jesus stories and the various sources of the New Testament writings. Unafraid to set the original Jesus stories in their proper setting among contemporary bodies of philosophical literature, Geoff reveals some truly arresting correlations, with far-reaching implications for how we understand the figure of Jesus and the Biblical literature which surrounds him. Whether you begin with a perspective of faith or non-faith, you will certainly enjoy sharing Geoff Roberts' scholarly and open exploration. And I guarantee you will come away stimulated and challenged. --Paul Wallis, Author of Escaping from Eden, The Scars of Eden, and Echoes of Eden

The True Origins of Jesus is an important and timely book. It disrupts, challenges and invites you to look at the teachings of the Bible through a more enlightened, unbiased and informed lens. Geoff Roberts’ direct, humble, articulate voice speaks softly but with great power to present a well researched and informed account of Jesus the man, not Jesus the myth. Be prepared to accept that your understanding of who you thought Jesus was may be entirely wrong. The layers of false teachings are exposed with an elegance and compassion that only those touched by a more divine hand can do. Geoff Roberts is no false prophet. He speaks a truth that many will not want to hear but one that we all (especially at these times of turmoil, falsehood and fake news) desperately need to hear. This book may bring you to the end of a road that you have been travelling. It will also set you on a path that will liberate, inform and help you understand, in this lifetime, the power of love that connects us all. Always has. Always will. The truth about the origins of Jesus really will, as Jesus (probably) said, ‘set you free’. --Roy Leighton, Co-author of A Moon on Water - activities and stories for developing Children’s Spiritual Intelligence, and Co-chair of the Cambridge Peace and Education Research Group (CPERG) --This text refers to the paperback edition.

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