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February 17, 2023

Sheila Moore

Hello, I am Sheila Moore and I’m a Medium, Artist and Healer and animal lover (especially dogs). I was born in the war years and brought up by my grandmother near London.  Like most families of that era, we didn’t have much but that was life at that time. As a child I did have a sense of ‘knowing things before they happened’ but I thought everyone did.

I grew up, married, and had two children: and then aged around thirty years things changed.

I had always liked art especially portraiture and I suddenly found that I could draw pictures and then information regarding the picture would come into my mind. Words came into my mind that were sometimes very beautiful, sometimes spiritual, and often giving me information about forthcoming events. I found this all a bit disturbing so acting on the advice of a friend I started to visit the local Spiritualist Church, and that was the start of my spiritual journey. The president was also an artist and he encouraged me to develop this type of art, generally known as ‘Psychic Art’, in a safe atmosphere.

During the years of the family growing up I’m a bit ashamed to say that I treated this gift as a bit of fun. I met lots of gifted mediums and one of them had a connection to the North American Indian Lakota nation. She used to go out and visit her friends there at specific times each year, so I heard quite a lot about them, I even gave one of my dogs, a German Shepherd, an Indian name (Luta). I received a lot of writing (inspirational writing), apparently from Indians and at one point they referred to me as “She who has dogs of the north” which puzzled me as German Shepherds come from Germany.

Then suddenly in 1999 my world fell apart, my husband died unexpectedly, and I was left on my own with thirteen dogs to look after, as we had been involved in the world of showing the German Shepherd Dogs. I lost touch with that friend and my involvement with spiritual things slowed down.

Sheila Moore - Waterfall Birds

The next few years were very difficult, and then after most of my German Shepherd Dogs had passed on, in 2004 I decided to have a new puppy of a different breed. An Alaskan Malamute, a dog of the north.

Husky followers have a yearly event at Aviemore in Scotland: and I decided to go and have a look. I knew that there was a very spiritual place called Findhorn up on the west coast of Scotland and I could visit there at the same time.

Scotland is beautiful and spiritual anyway but there was something very special about the wild lonely beaches that touched my soul. So, I went to Findhorn and on the way back I stopped at a beach, the sea was wild and there was just one man and his dog there and I knew I had to paint that picture. That was when my personal spiritual life returned.

I began drawing and painting, studying crystals and crystal healing and generally immersing myself in my spiritual life again, only this time, with respect. In 2007 I moved to Norfolk and began to connect with many other people involved in all aspects of spiritual work, I studied Reiki to Master’s Level and also Colour Therapy which combined with the spiritual aspect of the art.

Healing was my main interest at this time and using colour and pictures to help people became a useful asset. I would paint a picture and a few days later words would come into my mind. I would then produce cards and leaflets from these pictures and words, and I did regularly use the picture of Findhorn for this  with a written meditation.

Sheila Moore - Kingfishers

In 2014 a local event was being organised whereby artists could open their homes for people to come and view their work, and also see the artists actually working, so I joined in. I felt strongly impressed to draw a cardinal, a man of the church, and spent some time doing just that, but I made the mistake of drawing a modern cardinal. I could feel energy coming from the picture and the words Juan and Pedro came into my head. So, I asked, “Who are you” and the name Rodriguez came straight back. After doing some research I found that in 1481 an artist called Juan Rodriguez de Segovia painted a picture of Cardinal Pedro Gonzalez de Mendoza. I felt that for a while that artist was influencing the way I was drawing and painting and like most artists of that time their work tended to have religious connotations. It was also the point when I realised that I needed to write about these events and so began ‘Unexpected Art And Words of Spirit Wisdom’ my first spiritual book. It was published in 2016 in America by Balboa Publishing, and the book they produced was beautifully done but perhaps a bit too large. There is a Kindle version.

Throughout these years I had joined a group of people who sat in circles for mediumship and trance, and we all had spiritual helpers or ‘guides’ as we like to call them. One of mine was an Indian Chief called ‘Chief Little Wound’ and he was seen clairvoyantly by several people when we were in our groups. I found him on the internet, and he was a chief of the Oglala tribes which were part of the Lakota Nation so that Indian contact was returning to me and supporting me when I spoke in circle.

I have always enjoyed taking part in events that involve all aspects of spiritual work: we usually refer to them as Mind Body and Soul events. I was at one of these events in 2017 and was showing many of the portraits that had come through to me to some ladies. There was one picture of a young man who looked like a lawyer and one of the ladies said, “I know who that is, it’s Wilberforce”. I was stunned. I said, “Do you mean William Wilberforce, the abolitionist?” She told me that it was exactly what she meant. Many of the pictures were of people from the past and I had wondered why that was. A selection of these pictures can be seen on my website.

Sheila Moore - My Soul: Enslaved

I then started researching some of these portraits and my next book started coming to life. Throughout the next four years I received contact, through pictures, from many people that had been enslaved and there were times when I had to stop work because the emotional effect was too great. That is why it was given the title ‘My Soul: Enslaved’ as that is how I felt. There was also contact from people who had been the slave masters and saw nothing wrong in it.

One incident in particular stands out. Bearing in mind that mediumship is a contact with the spiritual world each medium will have their specific way of receiving that contact. I draw the pictures and I physically feel the emotions coming through. I felt the need to draw, and it was a young woman, she indicated that she was from the island of Dominica and referred to herself as ‘Mulatto’. Suddenly a wave of intense fear came over me, I realised that it was coming from her, and it was directed at my dogs. I had three at that time. I didn’t understand then but made a point of sending healing to her and the situation and settling things down. Much later when I was researching those islands it was mentioned that one of the punishments suffered by the slaves was to be thrown from a cliff to the wild dogs below.

Every picture in the book had a purpose and carried a spiritual message in some way. Some were quite unusual and took my research to areas that are not often mentioned when slavery is discussed. I was also very grateful to the many people who gave me snippets of information and took an interest in what I was doing. This book was published at the end of 2019 just when various events were bringing slavery back into question. I didn’t want to get involved in the rather heated arguments that were taking place and so I didn’t advertise it too much.  I believe, that at this point in time, the way I work with the psychic art is a bit unusual, but it blends well with my own health and abilities just now.

Sheila Moore

When we had the shutdown for Covid all our events stopped as did everything else. Many people started using the ‘Zoom’ streaming platforms and I had the opportunity to get involved with some people in America. We were in contact every week and I started to receive lots of pictures relating to the subjects we were studying together which tended to be somewhat Shamanic. We studied the gods and goddesses and deities that meant a lot to other people around the world including my slaves. One of the modules was a study of the ‘White Buffalo Woman’ so I was back with my North American Indians again. She is very important to them. You will find that many people who do psychic/spiritual art will draw pictures of these Indian people and my feeling is that their way of life is very spiritual.

I know several people who make the leather drums and rattles similar to those used in their ceremonies and meditating to those sounds is very popular as well.

I and some of my friends had begun to use sound and music to express spiritual feelings and were using gongs and pipes and rattles as well as other musical equipment. These events are known as ‘Gong Baths’ and I found vibrations very helpful from a healing point of view. These, too, are streamed on Facebook and YouTube. I also tried the sounds made from Crystal bowls and Tibetan bowls.

I certainly enjoy them and painted this picture as an expression of the effects I felt, as sound can bring pictures to the mind and transport you to other places.

I love to encourage other people to try psychic art and there is a free book to download on my website with helpful advice and instructions. Please go ahead and have a try.

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