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Steve Burgess - The Power of Past Life Regression

October 18, 2022

Steve Burgess

I guess I’m very lucky in that I class my work as a Regression Therapist as part of my spiritual path, which means that helping my clients to improve their lives and heal from an array of issues that stop them from living life freely is my way of aiming to make a difference in the world. This I view as a spiritual process, in that serving others acknowledges the universal truth that everything is connected and nothing is separate – we are all one.

I expect that like many people my spiritual journey has been a somewhat convoluted one. I rejected Christianity in my teens and it was when I first read about reincarnation that life on earth finally made sense to me. I was immediately drawn to Budhhism and in my early 30’s I became a practising Buddhist, introducing regular meditation into my daily routine. I didn’t think meditating had made much of a difference to how I felt, until one day my wife told me that she had seen a big change in me – “you’re so much less angry than you used to be” were her words. I realised she was right. As I became more serious in my practice I could feel my levels of compassion opening up too, but after several years I became disillusioned with the type of Buddhism I was involved with, which was Tibetan Buddhism. It felt too religious and magical, full of rituals and praying to deities, and of course as it had grown through the early Bon religion of Tibet it had absorbed much of the primitive elements of Bon within its structure.

I left it behind (though I continue to this day to feel strong ties to Tibet and its people) but continued as a non-denominational Buddhist for several years until the re-living of one of my previous lives as a Native American drew me away from Buddhism and into training in Native American shamanism. I liked the connection with Mother Earth, the emphasis on personal development and the sacredness in all things. I took part in ceremonies in nature and in many sweat lodges, but again after a few years felt that something didn’t gel with me so I left the training and for a couple of decades had no spiritual path to follow, other than doing my best to work with my heart with clients in my therapy practice and to live a life centred around kindness. It seems that I was always looking for something that combined compassion for oneself and others, simplicity and a reduction of the ego. I was always repelled by anything that felt too ‘religious.’ I toyed with Zen and Daoism but I realise now that at that time I didn’t truly understand them.

Steve Burgess

It was in 2020 that a major trauma happened in my life and as a result of a chain of events (which I now understand were meant to happen) I was fired head-first into Non-Duality teachings and, finally, I knew that I had come ‘home.’ It was as if the scales had fallen from my eyes and the Zen Sutras of Sosan finally stopped being gobbledygook and made total sense. Since then my spiritual process has been to focus on being Aware and in One-ness, and thanks to the wonderful Non-Duality teachings of Rupert Spira my way of being in the world has fundamentally changed and I have more peace in me than at any time in my life. The simplicity of being in One-ness and accepting that everything simply is, has allowed me to be less ego-centred and more in my heart.

This has been reflected in a shift in my work as a Hypnotherapist specialising in regression (particularly past life regression) as I am much more able to hold the space from a place of Conscious Presence for my clients in their sessions. This approach in therapy sessions allows their subconscious minds to guide us to the deep roots of their issues and release those roots leaving the client free and healed.

I work every day in past lifetimes, and I am so wrapped up in the concept of reincarnation that I am sometimes shocked when I meet people who don’t believe in the reality of reincarnation. I constantly see the healing power of past life regression with my clients and find it hard to understand why past life therapy is not accepted as a credible psychotherapeutic discipline. This is one reason why I wrote my book ‘The Power of Past Life Regression,’ as an attempt to broadcast to a wider audience. For over 30 years in my career I have done my best to let the world know why past life regression is such an important healing modality, and I am pleased to see how popular it has become in the last decade or so. My inspiration to continue working in this way is the long stream of clients who have benefited from it. My creative process is fuelled by the fascinating stories they tell when they are in trance re-living a former life, and I love to write about their experiences and share them so that more and more people awaken to the possibility of healing their present lives by releasing the traumas from the past.

‘The Power of Past Life Regression’ features some of the incredible experiences some of my clients have had in some of the 15,000 therapy sessions that I have conducted. It describes their experiences in hypnotic trance in which they regressed back into their previous lives in order to heal issues in their present lifetime. These issues include alcoholism, physical problems (including back pain, skin problems, migraines and IBS), panic attacks, anxieties, phobias, lack of confidence, depression, sexual problems and relationship issues.

Steve Burgess - The Power of Past Life Regression

Just some of the past lives which are featured:

  • The woman whose back problem was completely cured after dying as a Nazi soldier in WWII
  • The alcoholic who saw Joan of Arc burned at the stake and who was sent to the lions as a Christian in Roman times. She stopped drinking as a result of her regression experiences.
  • A business woman whose psoriasis got better after she re-lived a previous life as a priest in Ancient Egypt.
  • A woman with panic attacks who re-lives being raped in a former life and finds that having released the trauma her anxiety state is completely cured.
  • A young man with sexual issues which were healed after he re-experienced living as a monk in a former life.  
  • A teacher suffering from claustrophobia who re-lived being buried alive in a past life. The phobia was completely neutralised as a result.

Each of the client’s stories is vividly re-told using the words that they spoke whilst in trance in their regression sessions. They paint exciting pictures and describe in detail the events that took place in the past lives, often giving a fascinating insight into life in former times.

I am conscious of the importance of therapy to the wider world; as my clients heal from their emotional and physical issues and become more balanced they send out a different energy into the world. They become less reactive and live in the world in a more peaceful state; as they send out this peaceful, more balanced energy into the collective unconscious the world becomes a more balanced place for us all to live in. I feel privileged to be part of this energetic healing of the planet.

Steve has been a full-time Hypnotherapist in East Yorkshire, England and Norway since 1992 and in that time has completed over 15,000 one-to-one therapy sessions. He is an internationally acclaimed therapy trainer, running courses for a variety of organisations around the UK and in Norway. Steve is a former Vice-Chair of the UK Guild of Hypnotist Examiners and he is accepted as an authority on hypnotic regression, as well as being an Advanced EFT practitioner and NLP Master. He has completed many thousands of past life regressions with his clients and his books ‘Famous Past Lives’ and ‘The Power of Past Life Regression’ describe some of his experiences in past life therapy. He has appeared on Sky One TV, GMTV and Yorkshire TV, has been regularly featured on BBC Local Radio and his work has appeared frequently in a variety of publications. He runs his own Hypnotherapy training school  - Lionheart Training - and he is much in demand with online podcast and radio show hosts for his talks on hypnotherapy and past life regression.  His YouTube channel ‘Hypno4all’ contains a variety of Steve’s free hypnotherapy recordings. Steve nowadays does all of his therapy sessions online and he has worked with clients in 22 countries around the world.

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