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Teresa Dellbridge - A Life of Spirit

January 18, 2023

Teresa Dellbridge

I follow a path of pagan spirituality, but I was brought up a Catholic, developing a strong connection with Our Lady, whom I now recognise as my first contact with the Goddess. Since the age of thirteen, I earnestly studied all aspects of the esoteric, from reincarnation to astrology. I have always sensed the presence of spirit beings, often hearing their voices, or seeing words written by them in my mind.

The material world that we are all so absorbed in, is such a small part of the true picture! Believe this, and it gives your existence meaning and purpose, and everything will go more smoothly!  This is one of the messages I try to convey to make this world a happier place.

Like so many of us, all my life I have been aware of the spirit world.  I go through my days knowing that our accepted view of ‘reality’ is mostly illusion - although it is a very powerful illusion, that can cause us much unhappiness and confusion.  I am aware of the power of Spirit in my daily life, causing events and opportunities to fall into a pattern.  In my work, I call on my spirit guides for support, protection and inspiration, and I rely a great deal on my intuition in all I do.

I’m a counsellor, hypnotherapist, astrologer, Reiki master and EFT practitioner. I also offer Indian Head Massage, usually as part of a general relaxation package that includes creative visualisation and Reiki.  A lot of my work is done via Zoom or FaceTime, and I regularly give talks on the subjects I write about.  I also do broadcasts, currently with BBC Radio Gloucester, and I write a monthly astrology column in Spirit and Destiny magazine.

In my therapies and writing, I would like to call to awakening hearts to see wider, more inclusive perspectives, to question materialistic dogmas, to find acceptance, peace and a deep connection with Spirit.  It is vitally important to me that the work I do helps others on their journey, opening the way to their own spiritual meaning.

Teresa Dellbridge - Moon Astrology

The message of the Goddess in particular has never been more urgently needed, and it is one of the main subjects I write about. I feel that the idea of a female deity is deeply necessary, for it brings more gentle, less judgmental and more inclusive perspectives, emphasising the importance of personal experience and belief. Does it matter that God is usually called ‘He’? I would say it does, very much, for that simple pronoun speaks volumes.

We all need to realise we are co-creators of our destiny, to own our power and use it well.  Astrology can help us with this, making us feel connected to a much wider reality, and putting our life experiences into perspective.  One of the many truths taught by astrology is that ‘this too shall pass’ - very encouraging when you are going through a dark phase and can see that when a certain planet moves from its troublesome position you will feel better. 

While my first two sons were growing up, I decided to formalise my astrological knowledge and learnt astrology with the Faculty of Astrological Studies.  I gained their Diploma, Gold Medal and Veritas Award in 1989.  At the same time, I trained as a counsellor with the Gloucestershire Counselling Service, completing my post-graduate placement in 1993.

I also trained as a hypnotherapist with the South Worcestershire College of Hypnotherapy.  In the same decade, I became a Third Degree Wiccan High Priestess.  Since then, I have also become a Reiki Master, qualified in EFT and gained an MA in Cultural Cosmology.  I live in the Cotswolds where I run a coven and also participate as a Druid, with my Druid husband. 

Teresa Dellbridge - The Little Book of Nature Blessings

I have written over 50 books on astrology, paganism, shamanism, herbs, crystals, psychic protection, spirit guides, vampires, fairies, graphology, myths and Earth Mysteries.

Magazine features and columns have followed, including the ‘Stars’ page for Woman and other magazines.  I now write regularly for Kindred Spirit, and Spirit & Destiny magazines, while practicing as a therapist.  

My name used to be Teresa Moorey and I've written lots of other books under that name.  These include: 'The Fairy Bible' 'The Numerology Bible' ‘Working with Spirit Guides' 'Working with Psychic Protection' 'Working with Hypnotherapy' 'Secrets of Moon Astrology' 'Silver Moon' and 'Witchcraft, a Beginners' Guide'. 

The Little Book of Nature Blessings, is my latest book.  In it I write about the blessings of the Sun, Moon, the four elements, trees, flowers, animals, waterways and the sea.  What I write flows from instinct.  I sit at my desk and go into a dream space, and in that place the words come.  Simple practices can help you get to know yourself better, find nourishment for your soul and share in the delight and satisfaction that's offered to us all, for free.

You can read myths that bring to life the magic in nature, be taken into another world through visualisation, and encourage dynamic change with short rituals. Happiness, relaxation and greater meaning in life can be found for all of us. This is a message I wanted to spread in this book.

Moon Astrology has been re-released by Octopus/Godsfield, and in it you can find out how to align with the moon, for wisdom and self-empowerment, understanding how your moon sign affects you, encouraging you to bring your life into harmony with cosmic cycles.

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