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The Magic Alchemy of Marie Eitz

November 27, 2022

Ever since Marie was a child, she has felt connected to nature and the universe. She always felt comfortable being in nature, she always decorated trees and collected flowers. She would climb trees and pass many hours gazing at the stars. She loved exploring her creativity by taking anything she found in nature and trying to make it even more beautiful than it already was. Despite this, she decided to follow a different path and started a career as a lawyer, but something was never quite right. She tried various jobs before realising that her soul was being neglected and that it was time for her to start doing her life’s work.

Marie Taysom (Magic Alchemy) - Accept who you were, honor who you are, celebrate who you will be come
Acceptance (see description below)

She started her journey of self-discovery – a journey that led her back to her childhood and her unfaltering creativity. A journey that led her back to her spirituality and her hunger to be connected with something bigger, the wider universe. A journey to unlock her true purpose. 

Magic Alchemy was this purpose. Marie created Magic Alchemy as a way of expressing this need to feel connected with something bigger whilst being able to channel her creativity and her way of seeing life through her creations. It took her over a decade to navigate back to her spiritual life through her own journey of self-discovery, however if there is one thing that is very important to Marie which is also ever-present in her artwork, it’s that it doesn’t matter how long the journey is, but that we always keep going. Sooner or later we will find our way. All the magic in our lives happens during our journey and not at the arrival. 

Throughout her journey of self-discovery, which she is still on, Marie wanted pieces of art to help motivate and inspire her towards her true potential. With this in mind, she started designing pieces of art. Art which beautifully captured the essence of being that she was trying to share. Art which showed the world that it was time to “re-kindle your inner fire” or “awaken the divine in you”. To remind everybody that “we come from the stars” and “we are here to evolve”. As some of her early work wonderfully depicted.

As time progressed and she evolved, her artwork too evolved. With a change in colour palette and a broadening of her message, Marie was able to bring in so many other aspects of her journey. From “blooming wherever we are life” to “feeling grateful” Marie was able to enhance her message that our internal journey is the most important one. What Marie can do so delicately is to show everybody, from all walks of life, that we are not a finished article. Instead, we are always evolving, and our journey of self-discovery and the wider universe (or God) will always open the right doors for us if we are willing to listen to the voice that is already within us. Her art and products have touched so many people, with raving reviews from all around the globe.

Marie Taysom (Magic Alchemy) - The most important journey is the internal one
Journey (see description below)

We can see Marie’s journey in real-time, as her art is always a direct manifestation of her mindset along her journey. Marie doesn’t just create based on ideas, but she creates and designs from inspiration taken within her own life or even from her dreams. Just as Marie’s journey is ever continuing, as too is the beauty which see encapsulates within her art and, thanks to her art, so many people are now able to accept who they were, honour who they are and celebrate who they’ll become.

Alongside her desire for capturing her feelings and thoughts through art, Marie also wanted ways to help to document the journey, write notes to herself and otherwise feel connected to her broader spirituality. As such, alongside her art Marie designed journals and notepads to help, not only give inspiration with her art, but provide the tools for others to guide themselves down their own paths. She shares her discoveries in each of her creations. 

If there is one thing that Marie passes with her fantastic products, it’s that the most important journey we will ever take in life, is the internal one. The one where we realise our true potential and create our dream world around us. The one where we become perfectly in-tune with the majesty of the universe around us and are able to follow our divine calling. There is no better way to summarise and capture that essence, than with the art she is ever-creating.

Marie Taysom (Magic Alchemy) - Accept who you were, honor who you are, celebrate who you will be come
Acceptance is something that we all need to learn. We are used to blaming who we were in the past. Normally we are not very happy with who we are in our present and we fear who we will become or what may happen in our future.

But we need to remember that our life is a journey, and every step that we take is teaching us something. We are never the same and our mind is always expanding and evolving.

Life is a sum of all our choices and decisions. Regretting them will not make you feel better. If you don’t like something you did or that happened to you, just make sure that you will learn from it and will do better next time.

This is the beauty of our life, we are never the same and we can be anything. Life is a process and be grateful for each part of this!
Marie Taysom (Magic Alchemy) - It is in the noise of silence that we hear the answers we need
Silence can make lots of noise indeed! But it is only when we allow ourselves to listen to our silence that we will be able to listen to our inner truth.

We often keep our mind so busy by always doing something, thinking about something or watching something. We don’t leave space for our minds to hear what our soul desires.

But if I have learned something it is that it is only in the noise of silence that our soul can communicate with us. It is through the silence that we hear the answers that we need.
Marie Taysom (Magic Alchemy) - We are all connected, threaded together
In a way we are all connected, threaded together. I like the analogy that the universe is a blanket being knitted together, where we’re all connected through different ways, often without realising.

We might be an individual but we are part of this unified collective. We are a small part of a very big picture.

The same knitting stitch is used for every kind of life. We are all made of the same energy. We are all part of a big picture, all threaded together.
Marie Taysom (Magic Alchemy) - The most important journey is the internal one
Everything in our life starts with us. Our inner world creates our external world. And not the opposite. When I stopped blaming people around me for what happened to me and started to spend more time learning about myself, I could finally release so many feelings that didn’t belong to me anymore. Situations that I didn’t even know were still in my mind.

I could see the power I was giving for things that I shouldn’t. When I became more conscious of my feelings,  I started to be more conscious of my choices. Knowing myself was the first step to start to create a life that I wanted, because it is impossible to know what you really want if you don’t take a deep look into your inner world and start paying attention to it.
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